Jumpy acceleration help: Nyko kama nunchuck

My build: *215Kv SK3 *SPACE CELL 3 *VESC *nyko kama nunchuck

Hi, I apologise if this is posted in the wrong area this is my first time posting. This is my third generation of build and have just upgraded to a nyko kama nunchuck from a Hobbyking 2.4GHz own-brand remote. However, I have jittering motor while accelerating from standstill slowly and also the motor cuts out for a split second every 2 seconds while accelerating for a short period. Finally the motor is only actually controlled by about 30% (of the 50% range of motion for accelerating) of the joysticks movement. I know its a lot of questions but if anyone has any ideas or knowledge of these problems your help would be much appreciated!! :slight_smile: