Junior Potato 44T milled pulleys on ABEC 107's

Shout out to @JuniorPotato93 for supplying awesome pulley designs to keep forum members building!

I used his files to mill 44T pulleys for the new ABEC / Evolve 107’s out of POM.

Installed perfect with 10/32 x 2.5" hardware. I would have preferred socket heads, but this is what they had at my local hardware store.

Thanks @JuniorPotato93


This may sound stupid, but what material is the pulley milled from. Looks dope. At first glance i would say plastic, but what type? Thanks.

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It’s POM (Polyoxymethylene). It’s recommended for gears, and I saw that @Nowind uses it in some of his builds, so I decided to give it a try. It wasn’t too hard to cut either.

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i bet if you asked @JuniorPotato93 nicely (and gave him some $$) he would let you sell these. there would be tons of interest


Is it expensive ? Will try to get some free time on a friends cnc mill, and mill some. If he lets me. Thanks for posting this.

I bought it here:


The 44T is just under 2.75" in diameter. I would buy the 3" or bigger just to be safe. 3" diameter is $25 per foot. I used a 1.3" (33mm) thick slice to make each pulley and retainer. You can check the sheet price if that works better on his CNC.

You will have to machine the pulley model form both sides, so see if he has a rotary table, or setup a jig for flipping the parts manually.

For the CNC I used, I was stuck using the 4" diameter which is $48 per foot. So twice as expensive, but easy to for me to hold in the machine. I can also get 2 retainer rings out of one slice, so not all bad. The way I bought it, I think I’ll get 5 pulleys and retainers for about $85. (I wanted to make 4, but bought stock for one extra for when I mess up the programming or milling)

Dope! Also, great material choice! Will have to push CNC up on my shopping list :slight_smile:

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Finally got these on the board.