Just asking for someone to give his blessing


this is my first project like this and although i have read a LOT :slight_smile: about this topic (thanks for all the details in your amazing builds btw.) I still have some questions. I am planing on a single motor build -SK3 6364 190KV,
-3D printed motor mount with printed gearing as well (15-36) 15mm belt -90mm flywheel clones, -10S4P Battery from 30Q cells and a Vesc to keep everything in control. Now my first Question:
would it work like this:

I think the wiring is ok like this(?) but in about 90% of the builds i have seen on this forum the batteries are arranged crosswise, is there any advantage to that? And which thickness of cable is recommendable for this kind of setup?
I’d love any input you can offer me, Cheers and have a good night.

Looks pretty good to me, but maybe check with someone else just in case. I did a similar setup with a split battery and used 10AWG silicone wire. One thing to think about is including a balance/charge circuit.

I thought i would use the place where the anti spark plug is to charge the batteries? Or is this unwise because of sparks? Could I simply install a splitter the way I plan for the Voltmeter? Concerning balance, I was just going check the packs every few month.

It looks like the antispark is between 2 batt packs? It should in front of all the batteries before the vesc

The way it is now the antispark joins the 2nd bank to the first

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Does that matter? as long as the circuit is not closed nothing can happen, right?

It’s wierd, I haven’t seen anybody put an antispark in between series connections

How would charge through it? It’s positive only

Also I don’t get how it could antispark the vesc when the first bank is plugged directly into vesc

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no the batterypack on top is actually two packs, the are not connected.

Antispark needs to be between battery and vesc

This would work fine with no BMS and never charging it. I don’t think you’ll be able to hook up a BMS and/or charge it unless you intend to charge it only with the loop key installed. And even then, I think the balace wires would present a big problem. I would move the loop key as others suggested

@b264 and not through the loopkey

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I don’t undestand why i would have to change the position of the loop key, sorry I don’t mean to question your judgement, I would just like to understand :slight_smile: If I installed a double XT60 switch at the top, could I charge the batteries through that? of course with the antispark plugged in! Sorry for the hassle …

For the antispark to antispark it needs to between the vesc and battery, otherwise you’ll get current inrush as soon as you plug in xt90s in the middle of the pack, it needs be at the start

It will not perform antispark function otherwise, it’ll just be a connector

Loopkey is not just for power on/off

Shouldn’t it work if it is the last thing i plug in?

No 10 char

Pretty sure the antispark is fine where it is tbh if you’re not planning on including a BMS for balancing

Should put the antispark between the battery and the vesc and the volt meter between the antispark and the vesc, 3d printed motor mount might break tho

Can you explain why this would be the case?

The antispark just works by temporarily adding a resistor into the circuit before the loopkey is fully inserted which prevents the sudden rush of current when the loopkey first makes contact with the rest of the circuit.

Fairly sure that it shouldn’t make a difference where in the circuit the resistor goes as long as it creates a point in the circuit that limits the current

Try it let us know how it goes

So you’re just making assumptions and stating them as true then?

3d printed motor mount might break tho

This is a good point, not sure how much luck others have had with 3D printing these sorts of parts but I personally wouldn’t trust a 3D printed motor mount long term. Will depend a lot on the material you’re using though