Just finished first build 245kv - 6s setup

I just finished (except for permanent electrical component mounting.) As soon as I was comfortable with my VESC settings, I temporarily affixed the components to the underside and gave it a try. My question is this: Should I have to push off to get started or should I be able to start with both feet on board? I weigh 165lb and and have a VESC controlled Turnigy 245kv 6s setup.


What is your gearing and what is your wheel size?

Oh yeah that would help right? 36t wheel pulley/15t motor pulley, 83mm wheels. Could it be a belt tension issue? or a VESC config issue?

You definitely shouldn’t have to push to start, your setup should have a plenty of torque. I’m way up at 17:36, on 90mm wheels, similar weight, and I don’t have to push to start (but I always do out of habit). Does it not have any power at all from 0rpm or does it just cog a whole lot?

Seems to have a lot of power and yeah it is cogging a bit.

if you are running a sensorless motor (your turnigy) you´re not able to start spinning it without a little bit of movement, because your motor has no orientation to the magnets. If you try it, the motor will stutter. If you have a tiny bit of movement and your motor gets the orientation it will start.

if you are running a motor with sensors, you´re able to start from a standstill, because the hall sensors know where the magnets are and the motor starts in the right direction.

It´s always recommended to start pushing a bit - saves a lot of energy and won´t toss you off the board because of stuttering


Cool! I thought I messed something up. Thanks for the info!