Just finished setting up vesc tool, wheels are spinning in opposite directions?

Wtf? I thought I was at last finished and then boom, wheels spinning in opposite directions.

Help? Why?

Turn off the board, swap 2 phase wires on the motor spinning in the wrong direction.


There’s 3 wires; a, b, and c. Which 2?

any 2



any 2 of them

After swapping two of the wires didn´t you need to do a motor detection again if running FOC?


Yup wheels not spinning, guess I’ll run vesc tool again

sensored? I guess yes.

Thats weird

Yes i rcalled it correctly, if running BLDC you just can swap wires around in Foc you need to recalibrate.

Yes- run motor detection again after swapping the wires. Be sure to secure the tightly w tape or heat shrink. You don’t want them disconnecting during a ride!


I swapped, ran motor detection, and still spinning wrong direction… ?


So it’s spinning the right direction during the motor setup test phase, but as soon as I finish with the remote ppm input setup wizard it spins the wrong direction…

Any ideas?

EDIT: found it. GREAT SUCCESS!!!

Ok I found “invert motor direction” under the general tab in motor settings but I don’t see an “apply” button anywhere.

Anyone know where the “write motor configuration” button would be?

On the right hand side of the vesc tool it´s the M with arrow down. Just hover over it and the symbol will say what it does.

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