Just got a 3D printer, what can/can't I print for esk8 parts?

Would you mind sharing the motor mount STL? Looks like a good fit for a small double kicktail I’m working on.

I’ve been using my ABS wheel pulley for more than 300km and just a little wear

40% infill, the most important thing is to adjust the extrusion width so that your teeth has no voids inside it, and increasing the perimeters to 5 also help

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Sure I’ll upload them later just keep in mind these were designed specifically for the gullwing sidewinder 2 trucks they don’t clamp but use the shape of the truck and get filled with around 2cm3 of epoxy.

a SPARKLE mod for your GT2B !

Maybe some nice 18650 stuff:

I uploaded the mount and the cover. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2136912


Thx @Shogu12 ! This leads to a 404 error… if you haven’t seen thingierse’s 404 before, it’s pretty funny!

New users must wait 24 hrs to publish their thing… sorry about that it is there you just can’t see it XD http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=53522677187849556612 mount http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=13403672887573391902 cover


I have been using all 3d printed parts on my longboard; Both big and small gears, motor mount.

I chose to use a sheet of aluminum to build a casing for my lipos for 2 reasons. More fire proof than plastic, I hate waiting long prints.

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@Shogu12 got ya! Thanks looking forward to seeing it when available!

Thank you sir

would that not be a little thick for the bottom of a board? or are you doing a mountain board with the battery between your legs?

battery between legs is my plan, then I dont have to worry about rocks or other crap hitting it.

Emtb @Karmannghiagirl!

Hell yea :sunglasses:

I guess the weather is turning …ur mind is toward spring and summer

So many kits available…I’m interested in the direction you will be going with your board with such a huge pack

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Just got me a Tevo Tarantula for under $200 from the aliexpress anniversary sale. Can’t wait to start printing stuff.

While, I don’t have a great amount of experience with printing, if you’re able to add a small radius to the corners of the mount where it slides onto the truck your failure rate will decrease significantly.

Also does the failure surface look shiney near the corner?

I printed my whole truck motor mount and pulleys from PLA

Wheel pulley was later replaced with a PETG one and motor gear switched to metal


That looks like it’s holding out surprisingly well. I imagine if you print it with ABS it would be even more durable?