Just got hit by a car!

As the title says, just got hit by a car! A business guy in his company’s car was rushing and overrun a stop sign. Luckily my speed was just around the 20miles mark. When i saw the car coming i did a big jump and tried to run it off, but after one step i slammed on my knees. My pants and shoes are ripped and he ran over my board twice. If i hadn’t jumped he would have run straight over me. Man have i been lucky!! In Japan Skateboarding and especially esk8 is completely forbidden, so i opted for not calling the police and he offered me cash for the ripped clothes and visible damage of my board. But it’s only a fraction of what I have got riding a bicycle. I do a 15mile commute every day, now i am really reconsidering esk8’s as a commuting device. I am scared as shit. The battery didn’t catch fire but i have not checked it properly yet. The Voltage disply didn’t showed any fast voltage drops but i will take it apart and check all the connections. Man my leg hurts, my confidence is gone, just because of a stupid fucker rushing in a car. Take care everybody, wear helmets and kneepads, i hope at some point we will have the same rights than bicycles.


Glad your ok and able to tell about. Good job looking ahead enough to make a life saving decision.

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Glad your safe and sound. Sleep in it, you’ll feel better about the situation tomorrow, maybe you will wanna stick with esk8.

Either way glad you didn’t get hurt to bad.

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We must develop ESP for hazards to stay alive during commuting. Good job minimizing damage.


Glad you didn’t have any injuries! I hope you got his information and were wearing protective gear!

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Glad you are okay. If you really like ESkating I encourage you to get back on the board when you are able to. Go slow at first but it helps get over the trauma from the accident. Hope you can salvage the board.

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sucks about your board dude, glad you’re not banged up too bad :hugs:

either leave your board outside tonight or check it over with a critical eye before you go to sleep :thinking: wouldn’t want this to turn in to a tragedy :fire:


Glad you’re alright dude. The problem with us being esk8ers is that most people in their cars see us and think “it’s just a guy on a skateboard” and don’t understand that we’re cruising at 30+ mph. They just can’t grasp it yet.

I’ve been street skating for about 24 years. I’ve never been hit by a car before. Only Esk8ing going on 3 years now. I’ve been hit by 2 cars and 1 truck just weeks ago. I’m glad to be alive. :slight_smile:

But… I’ve been esk8ing everyday since. It’s way too much fun building and conjuring up new ideas. Hope you heal fast dude!!! And do as @mmaner says and sleep on it. It might change your mind. :wink:


Man…I was afraid of my board for a few days because my shoulder. Haha mostly because even walking was jostling it and causing irritating pain. As I had not ever been physically thrown from my magic carpet before. Those first few days even looking at the board was like no…just no… it was upsetting, concerned if would even be able to get back on with any confidence.

I didn’t ride again for 6 days. Waiting for a new TSG pass. Since I smacked my head pretty hard.

Strapping on a new helmet, that wasn’t broken in in the cheek pads, and the anxiety felt like claustrophobia… the first few minutes were terrifying. To the point that I went home and took a long walk up the hill with my analog deck to prove to myself it’s not me… Rode the hill. Few Colemans. Shoulder was a little sensitive but I was confident in me…

Stared at the electric for another couple days until I finally forced myself to take a normal ride to my friends a couple developments over…felt a little better… then realized I forced myself into also riding home. After a bit and a couple more days of known routes it passed…

But yeah… get on a board…even if it’s analog… learn from it… take some extra time when skating on the street.


wow sounds like you dodged a bullet there, glad to see you are ok!

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Thank you all for the encouraging words!! I love you all :heart_eyes: !!! My leg which took the first step after jumping, starts badly hurting now. The pain is around the knee and foot ankle, but it’s not swollen, i hope it gets better in a few days. But the worsest thing is to be stripped of all rights. If I had opted for the police, i would have to pay a fine and had trouble with my driving license, especially as a foreigner here. All my japanese workmates are looking at me like, “i told ya skateboarding is a crime and that’s your fault”. But usually i am not the guy who gives in too easily. I did street skating for quite a while, so I am good at falling and that prevented more physical damage. I was wearing a helmet but no kneepads, ironically they are on the way to me. But my partner will get mad on me, she was against it from the beginning on. Really thank you all reading through this, I hope I can salvage some parts out of my machine and get on it with more confidence.

Glad to hear that you are alright!

Did you ever have any problems with the police when you were riding it?

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I got hit by a car that ran a stop sign too. She just blew it like it wasn’t even there. I smashed the whole side of her car up, because at the time it would hurt me less to use her car to stop me than to try to bail and fall, so I used her car to stop me. Her car was fucked up bad. Police were called. Her insurance called me too and I refused to give them any statements, referring them to the police report. I hope they raised her insurance rates triple… because she deserves to lose her license.


Eskating is non existend here, i got stopped twice but they weren’t aware that my board is electrified. Thry just told me to ride it in the park and get off it for now. But the non awareness is also the culprit here, because no one anticipates a guy on a skateboard.

Its so strange because bikes are so prevalent in Japan. Its crazy to think that skateboards aren’t allowed…

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get ice on it dude elevate the leg

don’t test it or massage it, that will only inflame it further.

keep icing it on and off for up to the first 12 hours after the injury, if it is serious? It will reduce the severity of the damage.

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I have to fucking work :sob: and it’s quite physical work. Just bought some painkiller patches during lunch time and hoping it gets better overnight.

Yeah, for japanese bikes are a means of transportation and skateboarding is for recreation. Everything skate related is really minor here.

Cracked my ribs avoiding a car myself. Luckily my board rolled away safely. I had to get up and ride to work. I now always slow down assuming a car is coming. You will realize how much you enjoy esk8 and learn from this accident. Heal up and stay safe


Yeah. I use the same thought process as if I’m on my motorcycle. I assume the driver didn’t see me and I prepare to stop just in case. Not the solution to every scenario but every bit helps.