Just got my 12s8p lifepo (a123)batterys pack ,now how do i make it fit?

Any odea how i can fit this under a deck ??? The pack is around 8-9 lb not as heavy as i tough I think i will need to take it apart and make it flat on 2 floors or build a builky deck with enough room to put it inside

What your opinions?


I think you need a huge mountain board.

You can diy one fairly easily just a flat board (or in your case the battery can be beefed up to be the board) With some metal brackets on either side to mount the trucks at an angle.


Really good idea , its will be hella bulky tho , i think there is a way to make it more compact

Trampa board should have blank decks. Where did you get the battery pack? How much? Link?

From ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-used-40V-36V-block-of-96-Cells-3-2v-LiFePO4-26650-battery-rechargeable-12s8p-/283217146077

The pack is all balanced and all cells working after test , these battery coming from electric bus in canada , cost me around 120$ total , it was hard to believe at beginning , the pack come charged at 40v , still no charge lost after 3 days

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Great… now I have to buy a Hummie board so I have some place to put some of these.

$120 for a single pack of 96 cells? Is that CAD?

You can buy/print some NESE modules for them, or buy a spot welder and start learning, or send them to a battery builder.

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Just Mount trucks directly to the battery pack and use it as a deck.


The funnny part is that its would be possible hahahaha


Jesus, that thing is bigger than I thought.

Seems like good fit for a diy Baja board.

Maybe a gocart


I put him on a penny board in picture he seem huge

There are some measurements mate

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Need to find an old 44 gravity deck.

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You should take the cells out and repurpose them for a pack that makes sense.

Non vertical cells, no cell holders to eliminate any gaps to lessen overall size, beefing up connections because that battery can put out s t u p i d amps… Etc.

Look at @Eboosted for some crazy high quality craftsmanship, and have someone knowledgeable try to help you.

Don’t forget that a123s don’t operate at the normal 4.2-3.0 that liion cells do, buying the right charger and BMS is equally important

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Did it yesterday :grin: i finally will go for a 14s 6 p since the voltage is lower on a123 cells and amps are ridiculously high , they should fit perfectly under a downhill longboard . i will put two decks one under the batttery and one on top to make a thin sandwich .

Its take me houres to take the pack appart and test all cells with the fear of getting a 1000 amps discharge hahaha

Edit 16s on picture ,12 batterys extra


Hey man, come join us and repost this over on https://forum.

This site is real unstable, and most of us are over on that forum anyway.

Also, that BMS is known to support a whole lot less discharge amps than it advertises. Fine if you’re bypassing discharge, or aren’t going to push crazy amps (but then why lifepo4? lol)


Il go take a look, if only i saw this message before ,i just brought the 300 amps one at least it should handle 140 amps i run two sk36374 at 70 amps max . the left 12 cells will be to power up a powerfull cooling fans for battery and vesc


check it --> https://forum./t/200a-smart-bms-ant/8978/2

Purportedly, 120A continuous. I’m sure you won’t pull 140 for long, so it’s probably good if you got the 300A version :+1:


Oof I know you’re committed, and A123 are lovely, but this doesn’t make a ton of sense :slight_smile:

These cells are great for high discharge low capacity low p-count builds. If you have 8 in parallel, you’ll never be able to use the full discharge capability, so you’re leaving a lot of capacity and money on the table.

I think the most fun thing to do with these cells is 15s2p single layer dual motor. 3p if you can find space, but the weight is eww.

Still, great fun, looking forward to what you do.


I pay 120$ for 96 cells i think its a good deal ,im actually saving 400-500$ + but i think your right they are too big and so much amps . 6p would only be for range

I will buy 30q on another build


These would be dope on like a drift trike or a go-kart


Use 'em to build/sell Boosted board battery replacements…