Just got notified by my boss that I'm on this forum too much

But there’s no work today!!! What else am I supposed to do on down days like this?!


ha! last night i was discussing with friends what it would be like to actually have employees… and one of the things that came up was that this forum is a fucking JOB REQUIREMENT. lol

if you’re not building boards or components of boards, you should be supporting them, or be on break, or off clock.


Well if my job was more based around building these then hell yea!!! I work in data centers…so not really related! But I always find a way to spin it on them, tell them its keeping my mind sharp in troubleshooting, I just apply it a different way now!

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Hah! He just walked by as I was typing and this was up on my big screen…he just shook his head and laughed at me.

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how does he know you’re not simply testing the firewall rules and router configs by making GET and POST requests across port 80?

i’ve been in web dev/server admin for 20 years.


Cause I’m more of a cable and hardware monkey! I don’t get to mess around with the fancy tools, go rack this here and cable it to this! So most of my work is in the data center itself.

Lately I’ve been doing a bunch of process improvement which requires me to be at my desk which = bordem and looking at the forum!

But I’ll throw that reasoning out and see if he even understands it!