Just had an epic bail

On my to the train station I was coming arpund this corner a little to fast… And leaned in a little to hard…and lost my balance and had to run off the board but since I was going a hair faster than my little legs could keep up with instead of a tragic fall my body instinctively went into “Magic Mike mode” and did the cool power slide on my knees and then I popped right up… I guess I also used the controller to power slide my hand with out any scrapes there…

Board crashed into the curb and came back at me and I grabbed it a was back off like.i meant to do it… I think people in the cars were like wtf is happening =P

1 fender died in the process and the headlight is still ok!


Glad you made it out ok!

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Good job. That’s the proper way to bail

PS glad your good man :wink:


Good to hear you had no injuries! Hope its a quick fix to patch up the board!

I’ve leaned too far and fallen off before, glad to see you didn’t get too hurt. That’s what sucks about riding with mostly Evolve people, their Gullwings have a small turning radius that I just can’t do.

But I do wonder how anyone falls like Magic Mike. No wonder people were looking at you funny. Impressive :joy::joy::joy:image


his shoes are fubar… lol :rofl: :joy: hope his toes are ok?

doubt he has any shoelaces left, witch is cool if he has all his skin! :dark_sunglasses:

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Yeah maybe I shouldve ripped off my shirt real quick and waved it around my head as i rode off!


Haha yeah, some people wear Chuck’s and Adidas shelltops because the neoprene toes for this… wish Vans had the neoprene toes like Chuck’s and shelltops.

Think he was fine though

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Hey thats me!!!

Like 5 years ago… lil youngin


:metal: dude, how’d you come out the other end?

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I show that video to everyone, it’s like the perfect depiction of a proper bail,with a side of funny, kid getting shinned :slight_smile:

Also now I know there’s another DH kid on the forums :smiley:

The ones I know off hand here

Not sure of anyone else that does DH on the forums… I’m sure there’s more out here though…


Damn good thing you saved it… I’m glad it wasn’t another vesc/brakes locking up story!!

The magic mike shit had me rolling :smile:

Ohh, now i know what magik mike is :open_mouth: It’s always been just rock’n’roll power slide :smiley:

@Alphamail & @ChrisChaput are both Original Longboard Industry Gangstars!!! :facepunch: :metal: can’t have this conversation without mentioning them! I ride down some little hills…


Yes yes they are, I don’t see Chris here much, but Brad(alphamail) aka Mr RipTide is here too. Didn’t think about the vendors haha…


Haha. Well actually still not sure when somone does “downhill”.

Last refrence I got: “until you haven’t qualified for an idf race you are freeriding”

Don’t know how I feel about that, but since we are on the subject. Anyone coming to Kosakov or transilvania idf races?

Anyone of you on here? :wink:



Scratch me off that list. My skills fall sadly short of what you guys in DH do… I can stinkbug the fuck outta an e-board as good as any…


Common man. Don’t sell yourself short :wink:

1 season with a supportive squad with good teachers and you wouod be slaying on your e-board :wink:


michibro is stepping it up this season for those that don’t know, making a bigger swing at falling down hills fast! :rocket: with the dudes that are faster than most…

GL bro :beers: you have my support


I love you bro, but more than that I love your humble attitude to life. I think michi would thrash us both DH but it doesn’t mean I don’t love your attitude :sunglasses: best hope I got is out smarting him, which I did often to the kids on the velodrome…