Just need some advice on motors

Hi just need advice on which motor to buy, I plan to build the eboard with a 10s2p battery made from Samsung 25r5 cells and is 42 volts fully charged. I want to run that through a vesc and into the motor. I want to go upwards of 30km/h (18mph). will be running 83mm wheels so should be heaps of room

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190kv motor Gearing 15/36

Look at the motor section in this thread Maytech 190kv motors also seem to be a good choice. Don’t be fooled by marketing and do not buy the enertion motor. Other cheaper ones do just fine.

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Enertion doesn’t sell motors anymore, havenet for months.


Your going to need at least a 10s3p to hit 18mph, maybe 4p unless you get 30q cells. 83mm wheels are doable, ive got a board that runs 80mm kegels, but 90mm or bigger are best for your daily driver. I’d look at Popoca’s.

On to motors…for a single motor build a 6374 190-200kv is best, gives you plenty of torque and speed. You can get a 6274 from BKB or TorqueBoards pretty cheap. Also, @bimmer has some choice 6374’s (at least they seem so to me) for sale right now.

Don’t forget about a remote, enclosure, motor mount, wire and connectors, charger, etc.

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It seems my info is severely outdated…

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