Just started my build and ran into some problems

So first The esc and motor connectors don’t work together. When I asked DIY electric skateboard if they went together they said it would work perfectly. THen the second problem the connector from the battery and the esc don’t go together I bought a 10000mah battery 6s from hobby king here are all the links than you in advance.



The ESC looks like it takes bullet connectors. Your battery has a XT-90 connector. <<<(This is actually a safer way to connect as it is anti-spark I believe, (IF it is anti-spark) Your motor has 4mm bullet connectors. I think the easiest way to do this if you have soldering skills would be to take off the XT-90 and turn those into bullet connectors.

However the best way would be to take off the the bullet connectors input on the ESC and change those to a XT-90 female.

I would ask torque if you could return it and get a vesc instead! for only $20 more its worlds better!!!

6s is a bit low for the vesc but it would still work.

So this fixes the problem of the esc to battery but how about the motor to esc?

The motor to the esc “should” be fine as they are both products of DIY… fit them together… are they loose?

Yes very loose