Just videos of ground level view of motors while in motion!

Hi everyone, I decided to start a video thread of eboard motors in action. Since we already have threads of (no words, just pics and no word just diagrams), I felt this thread would be very cool. while riding my eboard, instead of making a video of how fast my board goes, etc., I was wondering how does my motor and belt drive system looks while i’m riding 18 mph. So, I decided to take my camera and installed it using velcro straps under my board and record the motor in motion. In this video, i’m using 97mm abec clones and the street is not very smooth so that shows the abuse the motor takes while riding on these kinds of roads. “**You might have to make video and upload to youtube or google drive and then place link on your reply, unless someone knows a way to upload it straight to the forum”


Very cool! Love the angle.

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Its good to see the strain we put our motors through.