Kaly Dual Motor Mount and AT Pulley KIT ( 62T/16T)


Around two weeks ago I just bought these kit from Ernesto. I was planning on doing a build, but then scratched it and picked up a second Kaly. They literally went straight to my shelf, and were only moved from the box and never used. Paid $250 to get them shipped to the bay area, (California).

Looking for a price around there and little lower so please shoot me offers. Looking for a medium TSG Pass, maybe a PayPal deal plus other goods you have that would work with my Kaly’s? I’m looking for some new tires since I don’t really like the grey Trampa ones. And really looking for a new charger for my board since my other one broke unfortunately.

United States only please

Thank You

Those are Trampa mounts?

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Kaly.nyc mounts, they work with the Vertigo trucks


Let me look at kaly’s drawings. If I can rework the hanger clamp I might be.

Please let me know asap, thanks!