Kaly inspiration, Street carver - Done!

Recommend everyone to try this beast… totaly different from other type of boards in the market… my setup is battery 30Q type, 10s 4p 12amps 2x focbox controllers (with can bus + bluetooth) 2x D5035-125KV Sensored Brushless Motor gummies wheels but have also trampa 6.5’’ wheels 44 wheels tooth and 14 tooth pully on engine (will go up to 16 to get more speed) amazing board… highly recommended… !


This seems a little small

Whats the final weight for your board?

Looks freakin sweet… I wonder when someone is going to step up the game and start producing such boards in higher volumes (slim profile, gummie or 6.5in tires, lots of power) :slight_smile:

Depens on your settings and wheels. 45kmh its fine to me. But the board feels great…!

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Arround 11kg total.

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It is more abou torque than speed. I live in seattle in the :us: and it is super hilly. I run dual 6374 Edit: On my mountain board

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I am building a trampa street carver with 90mm gummies on dual sk3 6364

90 gummies?

Not gummies. Stickies

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Sweet. Where’d you get your enclosure

From eboosted

I have yet to build mine. I have honestly yet to choose my battery configuration. I have either 20 1s 5000mah 20C batteries or 48 18650.

When someone says “45 km/h is fine” :smiley: fearless

Even with adequate protection that shit is dangerous if you ask me

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I ment only the option high speed for short times :wink:

I don’t see the point in these configurations at all, it’s like buying Northface gear and never going hiking or buying an SUV and never using it on dirt…or driving a Subaru and never doing donuts in the snow…there’s some really really really high tech modern kick ass skateboards out there that have never been turned into an electric and you guys go and put slicks on a dirt bike already…why…it makes no sense…

That’s sick ! Great build man. It does make a lot of sense to me. The point is diversity and trying new things, riding new models with different platforms, finding new feelings, exploring new things. If the world was lead by several de facto single standards that “would” makes 100% sense to few so called gurus… following straight lines, that would be really sad. Embrace diversity, mix setups and ride them hard - that’s where my pleasure comes from. Either follow the so called guru lessons makers or define your own path. I’ll always promote second option.

Have a blast on your board and ride it like there’s no tomorrow.

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Sometimes its more form than function. This setup looks badass! I have a Trampa deck/trucks that hopefully will one day look like this after I do my first build and save up more $$. The boxes on top of the deck and the rear just look ugly but its for true Mountainboard riding and it has it’s purpose.


I can go with that…but you won’t catch me doing it, lol…to me function is sexy as hell…what I see there is a deck with more suspension travel than anything it will ever be used on…if you drop off a loading dock and do something sick with it, ok, maybe…but that’s not how they are used…those trucks and deck are fish out of water to me, I cannot see anything stylish or sexy when it’s glaring at me like that…

This is where I see that type of setup being sexy

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When I say functional I mean something like this 40 incher Brad rides…


I hope you enjoy the gummies! This board is a rocket!