Kaly inspiration, Street carver - Done!

This board has tons of function, as long as you want to carve. I would love to see video of pushing it in some turns. Love it, though I would consider de-canting the back trucks.


Exactly. Thanks :slight_smile:

Yep. Great wheels thanks!

Dude, we need more pictures!! This board is looking super dope, great job!:heart_eyes:

Thats pretty usual to be honest with you… Its called supermoto, and is even more popular than mx/enduro, so it make sense to me.


@squishy654 , that’s street/urban carver and not a MTB. The urban environment is full of potholes, cracks, tram tracks, curbs, parks with hard pack surfaces etc. Usually the ares with Formula 1 grade tarmac are limited. This setup can take you anywhere, while regular longboards with PU wheels are limited in where they can go. You obviously haven’t ridden one of those boards and judge the abilities by looking at the board. If you ever get the chance to ride one, take it!


You mean like this? 5ad2397e9d5a0b5df056a0f1

Yeah that looks silly to me…

Where-as this below just looks sexy as hell to me, while it might look stupid to some…

You absolutely hit the nail on the head Frank. I have a trampa setup with pneumatic tires. All the streets, bike ways and sidewalks are bumpy, have potholes and generally crappy compared to places like Florida or California. I live in southern Ontario, Canada and winters ruin asphalt. I started with PU wheels and a rigid deck like the majority of people and my feet would be numb in 5 minutes. Now with the trampa, I can ride for a full hour before any fatigue. It’s the perfect board for the places I ride.


dude why are you always so negative? the guy was just trying to share the fact that he likes his board…


@Juvaknin what a gorgeous board! So clean! Next iteration of my Trampa I hope to build like yours.


I don’t think I was “negative” I was stating my opinion, in fact I even pointed out how subjective it is and others may feel the exact opposite.

You are the guy who just brought in the meaning and premise of negativity. Here watch this, it might help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDQ1Mi5I4rg

Can I ask why you’re such a negative bitch? I’ve seen a couple of your builds and they don’t compare to this guys Trampa build. Stop hating


nah man, you came here telling him how pointless his board is. Also, how can you not see the raw sex appeal of a Husqy 701??? (i get that it’s personal opinion but damn i love supermotos)

But i don’t even want to feed you.

@Juvaknin i love this board, so clean and tight! You got me thinking about a carver build all day again (and supermotos :smile:)


And I stand by my opinion…it’s a pointless configuration…it’s a waste of money really when a fraction of the cash will get you something that does the same thing…

I just think AT eskates are for offroading…and eskates with urethane are good for the street…they exist for certain purposes and when you use a design for a purpose other than what it’s used for it should make some sense…I just don’t get the point of these boards, other than a glamor shot or two…

what problem is being solved? What is it specializing in? What is the primary purpose or gap is it filling? Hence…it has no point…there’s logic in my opinion. I don’t think it comes from a evil place of just wanting to be mean, but if you wish to make it into that, feel free…have at it…

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And that’s your opinion there’s no right or wrong with that but calling someone’s hard work and effort useless is a bit insulting maybe you can understand that.


I didn’t talk about or mention anyone’s hard work and effort. Where did I do that?

I’m talking about the configuration or pattern of putting street wheels on high end AT eskates. I also think pneumatic tires on any skateboards not shredding dirt is weird too, so what…lol

bla bla bla his board is sick :smiley: Thumbs up! :+1:


Dude it’s not about the exact words you said. It’s just that you came into this thread only to state what you dislike and what you feel is wrong about his board. I mean, yeah, everyone is allowed to have their opinion and stuff but it’s not really contributing to anything. You’re commenting on an already finished board for which Juvaknin sure had his reasons to build it that way. It comes down to “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.” We’re here to help and motivate each other, not to only tell other people what we don’t like about their creations.


Look, i’m sorry for the rant. Apparently i’m a bit sensitive to those kinds of attitudes you are displaying and i don’t want to point my finger at you but maybe you can see what i mean.

@Juvaknin i’m sorry to post this in you thread… back to esk8! Could you show a pic of the underside? I like how the motor wires are routed on the side of the tip, didn’t think of that so far.


But that’s his set up and that’s what he’s sharing here on topic info would be about his board and his build so yes to everyone here you are directly insuting the OP. We don’t go on your build threads and say how useless your set up is. You can discuss that in a different thread.

Btw dude your board is really nice @Juvaknin


AT tyres have never been so good and fun to ride when exploring cities and racing streets areas. Did I say AT tyres?

Back to your thread, awesome build and never ever stop to have fun.