Kaly inspiration, Street carver - Done!

Here some pics… i replaced to 16 tooth on motor pully… ohhh its fast now… much better… i dont use speed on riding… but sometimes you need to pass someone or something fast for few seconds… :wink:


What type of mounts are those the look really low profile.

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are you ok dude ? damn man.

Hell yeah, stuff like you know

  • He wanted to.
  • Loocks sexy
  • Loock at those curves
  • " insert any individual-, intrinsicly motivated -reasons"

Great you just found out that Urban carvers are not your thing, but only that. " not YOUR thing". May by its his thing ?!

I also don’t get the crime of putting ketchup on pasta, but hey some like it. I also don’t quite get how people use “logic” as a word as the reasoning (?!) for an opinion :face_with_raised_eyebrow: That always confused the shit out of me since logic is an earnest attempt to distinguish good reasoning from bad reasoning. So by actual logic your Opinion/reasoning is individual in its scope and accuracy, meaning only applicable to you. And therefore bad reasoning since it is to no use to anyone except you ?

What does that even mean?

Not trying to start anything (or again), just a little banter I couldn’t pass up on.

you know its all good I don’t think…


Sign me up.

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I have 10s6p dual drive Vanguard build and have recently just finished a Trampa build as well which was designed primarily for off road initially. I’ve found that I almost never use my Vanguard now.

Sure, the Trampa is heavier and bulkier but I feel much more confident on it on the road and having 8" tires instead of urethane wheels just makes it so much nicer not having to worry about rough roads, riding up driveway curbs or over big cracks etc.

The Trampa certainly wouldn’t make much sense if I was just doing short trips around town but my daily commute consists of a 7.5km ride each way on a mixture of footpaths and roads with fairly heavy traffic and I just find the Trampa a more comfortable and enjoyable experience in general.


ditto… i want a turn :wink:

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Just wanted to say this is a beautiful build! Looks so clean and stealthy, great job :slight_smile:


Is there any gear drive system that works with those 125mm Trampa Gummies?

Its trampa motor mounts.


Well… didnt try ant gear drive system. But i think it will fit there…

Sweet, thank you!

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I have the same motor on a trampa single drive it’s fun …whats your top speed also what was your cost.

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Top speed arround 50kmh with 6.5 wheels And about 40kmh with the gummies Im not from usa. So i had lots of $ on shippings. Arround 2300$ parts… the shipping and local taxs killed me!..

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I really like the sleek look of this build man. I’m currently building an Urban Carver specifically for off-road use, and also have the enclosure from eboosted. I was going to mount the ESCapes on the top but I really like the way you have everything in that enclosure - nice and neat/tidy.


Are you in Europe

As far as i know Trampa are working on a Deeper undertray made from the same material the board is made from,

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i need this so much. my batteries are larger than the standard tray but there is no good option other than diy for larger batteries


I have a kALY on the way from New York im to pay 21% on top of the price its a killer.

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Yep. Expensive… Actually i asked kaly if he can sell me street board. Or parts… i wanted parts from him also. He said parts will be availble soon on his website. But after that didnt got any answer until today from him. So i had to build it my self…