KALY NYC Board BLOWN VESC - Ernesto has dropped all contact, HELP

I have a kaly nyc street carver

Ernesto has dropped all contact, Ive tried instagram, his cell phone, calls, texts, nothing in the past few weeks. So here we are.

I had to replace a vesc I have a vesc X and one focbox currently in the board, but the vesc that I think is bad it is not “plug and play” I cannot just plug the new one in (see photos below)


The board should plug into the three little connectors here

the older photos before had this funny little splice connecting the two vescs, (I am a total noob at this since ernesto has dropped off the face of the earth and has his customers do vesc repair and gives them zero instructions.)

here is the photo of before (the little splice I was talking about

IMG_4600 IMG_4599 IMG_4598

I don’t exactly see what’s your problem. You can’t connect the receiver with both controller? If yes, than search for y-split here. Should give you an answer how to connect the wires. Or just try it here with @Kaly. I‘m sure he will reply as soon as he has a free minute

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I got that part down, Ive messed around in bldc tool a bit, but my issue is with these wires the hardware part Im unsure where to plug anything in, and if I need to solder anything.

im reading this one here

i dont understand which wires to plug in.

I have the 2m setup so the Vesc are talking to each other, the 3 pin connector how do I know which one to connect to what I believe is the signal for the remote? it would leave one of the vescs 3 pin connectors disconnected.

It’s really hard to see what you are trying to show. From what I see, Ernesto is using canbus so there would be no Y-Splitter. The top vescX is the master, so the remote’s receiver should connect to that one, the bottom FocBox is the slave so it should have nothing connected besides the two canbus cables and motors sensor, let that other cable dangle.

When setting just make sure the slave FocBox takes into from the master vesc.

Is this what you are asking?


I believe it is the Y split i am looking for the older one has one built in it appears… I have the older vesc that was having issues

hers a photo of it


I think your correct mike, I am just a noob and thinking a dangeling wire does not make any sense… I will give that a try and see if i can configure which is master and slave.

Was that black and white canbus cable there before?!

FocBoxes comes with that receiver wire soldered on so it’s always there. VescX didn’t…if you don’t want to deal with making a y splitter then just do this and use canbus. Make sure you NEVER disconnect the canbus cable if the board is on!


I believe @Kaly uses can bus for loading settings only. And uses split ppm for control


the red line your drew I have connected that one,

the green one It is currently not connected to anything.


this is how kaly nyc had this one setup… with some weird single cable hooked up so the two vescs connected

soooo if this is true… What should I do?

If that’s what he does. How does the Bluetooth module work I thought it didn’t work via ysplit becuase it would only read the one vesc it’s connected to? Does he leave the canbus on along with ysplit!?

Bluetooth connected to the master. master slave via canbus for setup and transfer data. y-split for speed control. should work without problems

So I need to get a Y split?

The question is What is not functioning? If you can set up your controller as master slave via can than just connect the master to the remote receiver and good to go.

If you want to go with ysplit than you can make your own too if you have a solder iron. Just make sure that the 5V wire just connected to one controller. (Should be the middle wire. Just cut on one side€. And don’t forget to heat shrink the single wires after soldering. You won’t short anything

image so here we have the vesc x top of pic image here we have the focbox top of pic

What did you change from the original install? When you dismantled did you photograph?

I agree with mike it looks like the set up is can bus for programming and split ppm for signal. The splice is probably the splitter to connect the receiver to both vescs but a bit unclear. How was it originally set up before you removed the blown vesc?

Hi The set up is done via can bus. Read the VESC walktrough link by @Michaelinvegas and you should be up and running in no time. it is easy to understand once you actually read it.

here are the programming values, since you want less powerful brakes Motor Max 60 Motor Min -40 Battery Max 30 Battery Min -8