Kaly.NYC XL Carver 1 month review

One Month Ownership Review of Kaly.NYC XL Carver

I had my Kaly board for roughly a month now. I been putting off a review till now as I didn’t feel like I had spent enough time with the board to really understand it. After a month of ownership I feel confident that the board had been fully broken in, settings had been fine tuned and I have gotten to know the board well enough to provide a more in-depth analysis.

Summary: Kaly.NYC XL Carver is a high performance EBoard based off the Trampa Mountain Board with very good range (20 mile +) and power (35+ mph). The board ride quality is excellent (better than a BGT) due to the 8inch wheels and the flexible Trampa deck. The turning radius and the “Carvablity” is very good (Slightly worse than BGT). The free roll of the board is good with the addition of the belt idler which allows the running of very loose belt, it’s still a pain to push but you don’t feel sudden breaking when you release throttle.

Ernesto can be a little challenging to get to but had been very helpful with any questions\concerns. He had been on facetime on multiple instances with me on fine tuning the board which is something that a large scale vendor probably would struggle to offer.

I would give the board and Ernesto my full recommendation especially for veteran rider that ride a boosted\evolve\inboard that are looking for the next rung up the ladder.

Best way to reach Kaly would be through his Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/nyc.kaly/ (You can try saying Jack send you there if you aren’t get a respond, no promises though) He is also on the forum as @Kaly

Stats: Top Speed: 35 mph+ Range: 20 mile+ real range Base Board: Trampa Mountainboard with Vertigo Trucks http://www.trampaboards.com/ Motors: 6374 190kv x 2 (3150 Watts x 2) Controller: Foc Box x 2 (on Sensored FOC running 3.1 Ackmaniac FW) Batteries: 12s4p Panasonic 20700B Cells Misc: External USB connection, BT module for phone apps,

More Details

The Board: I would highly recommend this board for veteran boarders that are looking for a robust everyday board with that extra bit of power.

The board has very good range and power at 20 miles + real range and 35+ MPH top speed but it will not be record shattering.

Build quality had been excellent. The board had been on damp roads, through puddles, ridden in drizzling weather and had been performing like a champ.

If you are really concern about carving or turn radius you can loosen the trucks and it will carve better then Evolve BUT just like evolve you will lose stability on high speed. Keep in mind this thing will go 15 mph+ more than the average BGT.

Word of caution, the board rides very different from a skateboard. With no concave and springs you have to lean to turn. There is a little bit of a learning curve. You also need to break into the board in (the springs will start to soften after some use) and fine tune the board (through the VESC and playing with the belts and springs).

The Vendor:

Ernesto is a boutique builder. His builds are of very good quality and you get 1 on 1 attention from someone who actually knows whats going on for support. His battery setup is excellent, beyond most of the battery builders out there with custom PCB boards that streamlines a lot of the wiring. He can be busy but he is very knowledgeable and willing to help.

My Background:

I currently own 4 boards (BGT, 2 DIYs, Kaly) and have been riding for over a year. I have some degree of experience building boards as 2 of the boards are built from scratch I know Ernesto as a customer and as a fellow builder. We worked together on transiting his builds from BLDC to FOC. I paid full price for my board and I get zero commission\special treatment from Ernesto nor am I affiliated with him in anyways.

If you gotten to the end of this review you earned the right to PM me if you have extra question :slight_smile:


Great job on the review and a very nice looking board.

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Thanks! Appreciate the supportive feedback!

Very nice review. If you don’t mind sharing ( pm), how much it was? Is the enclosure segmented or just cut on the folds? Is it possible to have 2 in 1, Street and urban wheels?

Hi Grozniy, the build has a one piece flexy enclosure with 4 compartments. @Kaly does offer a 2 in 1 build based of the street carver. As for pricing they go from 2.5k USD and up. Since he is a boutique builder all his builds are customizable which really means that theres no set price. I would reach out to him for a quote if you are really interested but expect to pay a little more then 2.5k.

Thank you. I would consider if I could get it for 2k€ shipped to Iceland. But it’s not for now. Maybe in few month :wink:

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Actually according 2000 euros is almost 2.5k USD. Just saying… :wink:

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Great review!

Hi I was wondering what the controller/remote looks like? I also saw a youtube video of a Channel called Portable Electric Vehicle and he’s badmouthing @Kaly on his video titles and descriptions about him being Shady etc which i think is far from the truth. He did mention though that the remote cuts off so I’m curious if you have ever experienced that.

Theres bad blood there that I am not going to get into. You can pick the controller. They are no frills 2.4 ghz thumb or trigger style remote. You can find them on torqueboard’s website. Basic but very reliable. Only had one issue thats riding while full batteries. You brake you run into potential over voltage issue and that causes the whole system to reboot, but thats the same for any DIY builds out there. After charge go run a few circles first so your battery isn’t full, otherwise love the board

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Thanks for the Info! So the system rebooting is due to the board electronics and not the remotes? I thought that over charging wouldn’t be a problem anymore as some Chinese manufacturers have prevented the brakes from releasing from over voltage?

When a motor brakes it generates power. That power will have to go somewhere. If the battery is full and you try to charge it the system protects itself by rebooting. Its an easy problem to get around. Just ride it a little first after full charge. Or just don’t charge it to full, you’d also get the benefit of longer battery life. As for if the board is worth it? From a value per performance perspective I would say yes. Using Evolve’s CGT as a bench mark. Kaly can potentially hit 40mph (I broke 38mph just recently and I was feathering at the end) VS CGT’s 22 on 7inch tires. The range of a Kaly is ~20 miles real world range, not eco or riding. Its not 2x a carbon. But again whats a board worth for you? What are you doing with the board.

I’m abit on the fence with going for a Kaly XL Carver or the Lacroix DSS60/DSS550+ as they both are fantastic boards though I haven’t mentioned how the deck “feel” is in terms of comfort and its concave for the Lacroix. Kaly’s gear drive is a deal breaker as you can get it out of the box which is why I am still considering it over the DSS60. I have bad roads in my area with rough cement and cracks so I’d like something that can go over those kinds of surfaces with ease. Going on grass and some dirt/gravel is something I’d like to do as well but nothing like going up or down a mountain, maybe basic dirt biek paths at the very most but I know the DSS60 truly shines on pavement. I’d like to use it to get to and from work also for trips to the grocery or gym as well. I unfortunately can’t test the DSS60 here in my country as nobody in the local es8 community has it yet, as for kaly theres one or two that I may be able to test ride but I’m not sure how I feel about that really convex arch on the middle for longer rides.

speaking about kaly… I’ve taken it on longer rides, its actually not that bad once you get used to it. I put my feet at the really end of the board angles up. They just lock in and don’t get fatigue at all. There is a learning curve to both the board due to the trucks. You can’t go wrong with either tbh.

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Oh that’s interesting. How long does your kaly board measure in terms of deck length? I understand that Trampas are stiffer so how does it compare when going at speeds of 50kph? Do you need to put in extra effort in keeping it from speed wobbles? I understand that longer and stiffer decks handle higher speeds better in general. Just trying to understand the dynamics behind the Trampa and Lacroix boards

the boards are actually super flexy :slight_smile: The spring trucks keeps you from wobbling. Both are customization (Trampa aka Kaly is going to easier to tweek compared to lacriox aka mbs). Once I dial it in I don’t feel wobbles until I hit 35+ on smooth roads.

I had a Kaly as well as the same remote cut outs… probably worse then Vitaly.

I would suggest getting a better remote in there, only problem is the space… i recall it being tight enough with the winning v2 receiver.

a GT2B would be perfect in a Kaly board.

Super nice build…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I still dont understand why Trampa is going to discontinue this deck (hs11)

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Hi there, the remote we use is the same as enertion, Lacroix, TB and many more guys around here, it is a solid performer and does cut-off as some people are saying.

@Ixf thanks you have explained everything pretty clear :+1:


Youd would only have to worry about that if you started out on a steep hill.