Kaly style enclosure

I am in need of kaly style enclosure for a decent price.

Most people that look for a decent or cheap price ftp for the DIY thing. It’s not hard and most parts you can get online.

Are you wanting it out of carbon fiber or abs or hpde or fiberglass?

In my opinion, the enclosures from people such as Kaly and Eboosted are a very decent price, particularly considering the work that goes into design and fabrication.

If this is above your budget, maybe look at DIYboards - they have enclosures and battery packs for a pretty good price.

It’s not. Just trying to find any at all.

I’ll weigh my options. I can’t find any.

I agree that the enclosures are generally well priced. I just didn’t want someone to upcharge me a ton.

What are they going for in carbon fiber?

Well dude if you’re looking for a kaly style enclosure and you have the budget for it then just buy an enclosure from @Kaly

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Waiting for stock

95% of this hobby is waiting :rofl:


Hi there Shortly I’ll have one piece enclosure for the Holypro deck The street carver one piece enclosure will be in stock like 8 weeks later

$85.00 with mounting hardware and plastic cover for water proofing


Eboosted also has enclosures available. I just purchased one for my Trampa Urban Carver build.

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Hello Ernesto this enclosure still available ?can you send in French ?do you have pic pls

Just finished a batch of the one piece enclosure for XL Carver (HS11) deck, will post pictures tomorrow.

For the one piece Street Carver enclosure it has been an uphill battle but almost there, if you want to use a sectional enclosure we can go with that.

The price including mounting hardware and plastic cover will be : XL Carver ( Sanyo 20700B Cells ). $90.00 Street Carver ( 18650 Cells ). $85.00

Plus shipping


I have a trampa holy pro 35 deck.;:wink: 70cm enclosure

So you are good I’ll post the kit configurstion Later :slight_smile:

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Ernesto, Where can I see the prices of your mounts? I am interested on the latest black ones for a Trampa MTB with Vertigo trucks. Saludos desde Toronto!