KalyNYC Gear Drive Assembly and maintenance

Hello This will be an overview of my Gear Drive system, also a way for people to get advice and troubleshoot any issue.

The Gear Drive is ship pre-assemble. included are :

2- inner wheel bearing 9.525mm x 28mm 2- Spacers 2- O-Rings
2- 3mm x 3mm by 20mm key 8- M4 x 12mm motor screws 8- M4 washers 3- Wheel hub plates 1- Syringe to use as lube applicator

For lubrication I am using, Finish line premium grease the 3.5Oz. Here Just use 1 Oz of lubricant for each Drive.

Another alternatine can be the archoil Here

Now to install your motor. The first step is to remove the screws holding the cover in place

No need to remove the bearing or spacers.

Next install the motor. The phase wires come out towards the kingpin side of the hanger.

Then install the keyway

And spur gear.

Next is to position the Gears. 1st make sure the gears are aligned properly with respect to each other.

2nd Proper gear Backslash, this will be done with the aid of a strip of paper folded in 2.

Make sure the wheel gear is properly secure see picture, this will prevent deflections by the gear.

Place the paper between the gears and press the motor gear agains the wheel gear.

one of the teeth from the motor gear should be aligned in between 2 teeth of the wheel gear, see pic.

Next press the motor gear against the wheel gear, do not over do it, just push slightly firm so the gears do not have any play when the paper is in between the teeth.

Now just tighten the motor screw on top, remove the wheel gear and tighten the rest of the motor screws.

At this point apply blue Loctite to the set screws in the motor gear.


Once both motors are aligned and the backslash is properly place, MAKE SURE TO DO YOUR MOTOR DETECTION.

Next step is to reassemble the gear and cover.

The speed washer is the first thing to be installed.

if your drive came with a 12mm bearing and have an sleeve, install it now.

install the wheel gear and rest of components in this order. Gear—medium spacer — long spacer — O-ring

Apply BLUE LOCTITE to all threaded holes for the cover.

Optional apply a super thin layer of silicone on the edge to the Gear Cover to form a gasket.

Position the cover on the drive and tighten the screws, do not over do it, tighten just firm and let the loctite do its magic.

Now the V-Ring, At this point you will need to apply a tiny loop of lubricant around the Gear Hub.

Install V-Ring

Make sure the V-Ring is flush with the edge of the Gear Hub, do not push it inward.

Next Lubrication. For this use the finish line premium grease 3.5oz Insert 1 Oz in the provided syringe,Red arrow.

And apply the grease by removing the screw from the lubrication port on the top, press the syringe firmly agains the hole and squeeze the lubricant into the Gear Drive.

Last is to install the wheel Hub plates to the wheels.

  • Remove the air from the wheels.
  • Remove nuts from wheel screws.
  • install the Hub Plate in the place of the screws.

Repeat this steps for the other wheel and you are good to go.


Loving the precise guide. Wish it was cost effective to buy from you in the eu.

Ah I just put mine together yesterday. Looks like I need to redo some things. Thanks for the guide!

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At the current price is still cost effective.

Personally have almost 1500 miles on the first test unit, without any maintenance at all, want to give it a proper abuse test and the thing is just a bit louder no issues so far.

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Ernesto I love this but I am holding back for two reasons #saving up for it #the noise I can only watch videos of your drive and have not heard it in real life as none of us in London uk are riding it yet , I’m riding the old kaly belt version and it is very quiet (mostly) so maybe I am comparing apples and oranges , the direct drive looks so much much much more sexy than belts especially when the colour red matches the tyres and springs

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The unit is way less noisier than the others in the market. I compare it to the noise level of a boostedboard.


If you take time and patience and with enough lubrication, this drive practically makes no sound. I’m not making his up, I tried one of Boston’s rider board with this drive and that one was silent, like dead silent. The only thing I can hear was the motor spinning. It was a bit unnerving because my Kaly drive was a bit noisier. Regardless, you just gotta mesh the gears correctly

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the noise from the gear drive is virtually non-existent thanks to the lubrication.

i have heard about 4 different Kaly GD’s in person and the ones that ran on FOC almost tricked me into believing it was a hub motor (sound-wise, clearly not visually), like just ridiculously quiet. if there is any sound it’s at higher speed, but I believe 99% of the sound is the motor whine, not the drives themselves.

if sound is the worry, i wouldn’t worry any more, def. one of the best drives on the market i think.


Aren’t you mean to do motor detection without anything attached to the motor, at least that’s what I’ve been told

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Great guide and great that there is such a detailed description to your gear drive! Maybe you want to rename the thread in something like “KalyNYC Gear Drive overview or maintenance”?

With the actual title it could be misleading as it more sounds like a comparison or overview between different gear drives. IMO


I can’t help myself calling it direct drive even though it isn’t lol , I’m saving up for so many different things esk8 related right now it’s crazy but I really really like the look of these drives and one day I will have one

I’m going to disassemble the drive today it seems I installed it in the wrong place and will do the paper trick calibration and the small sealer on the external cap.

Thanks a lot for putting such a nice piece of technology into the market! :clap::clap::clap:


Yes it’s really looking great, sound great and for sure a real pleasure to drive with! just want to get one too…but 100$ for shipping to Russia :sweat_smile: :see_no_evil:

:scream::flushed::crazy_face: и старый добрый русский почтовый

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should be around 40-50$ through USPS + insurance

there is a shipping calculator on kalys website. for my location it says 97$.

…старые и медленные… :joy::joy::joy:

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Interesting i was under the impression the foc on gear drives wouldn’t make a difference because of how nature if the train. Did it have alot of effect on the sound eminating from the motors themselves that lent to the near “hub-like” sound?

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What is your website address? I can’t find it😂 really want buy pair