KalyNYC...Negativity on YouTube

So I’m not sure where to post this or how to title this. Please change or let me know how I should name this.

I stumbled onto this video which was posted in December 2017. It is titled “Electric longboard with the shortest range and poor signal/handling” with the following description as of June 6th 2018

"Do not purchase from Kaly.NYC his quality or parts and customer service is horrible. Don’t pay cash or Paypal Family transfer so you don’t get scammed by Ernesto. Shady guy! Sells bad refurbished esc and poor quality parts. Does not stand behind his product nor offers any warranty."

As I watched the video I remembered it being a video that was originally used to show that the KalyNYC board has a 23 mile range (a positive video) so I assume this person just renamed the video and description which now shines a negative light on @Kaly so I thought I would bring it to all of your attention. Ernesto, not sure what the issue with this guy is, but this is slander and needs to be pulled down.


I remember reading on Reddit or some other place that this guy who has been slandering Ernesto, also borrowed some camera or sorts of equipment and did not return.


@Mikenopolis wesome that you discovered this! We have to look after each other!

@Mikenopolis https://www.reddit.com/r/ElectricSkateboarding/comments/7nocr0/kalynyc_psa/

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@Mikenopolis @Kaly Ernesto is far far from being scam, and he is one of the true honest builder out there,

That is funny because that guy who as post this Video is Vitali, and you know those bad refurbish ESC are mine and he as no problem buying them from me…


That thread is laughable lol. Dude tried to call out Kaly and he got downvoted HARD.

However, youtube is youtube, not the forum and he can call that video whatever he wants.

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And everyone want to buy the Board in the comments

EDIT: I’ve change the title removing the word scam, so it doesn’t look like click bait

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I know that! Just a PSA

Those comments were all made before the title and description were changed into negativity. It was originally a range test.

Thanks for changing the title @JohnnyMeduse

Not only the guy renamed and edited the title and description of the video on YouTube. He actually went and commented on some other guy’s video

I know this guy and met him a few times. For all his projects he was kissing Ernesto’s ass all the time for help and parts. From what I’ve seen he is trying to get free stuff for putting up YouTube videos (please look at his videos praising the Chinese boards he got for free) and once he couldn’t get stuff he threw a fit. He is a little baby. He also cut other people’s videos without credit or permission to creat videos. Do not trust this guy.


I actually watched this video a few days ago and was confused as it basically shows how awesome the board is…also because @Kaly has a stellar reputation. Probably what annoys me the most about the internet (I know I sound old now), almost zero accountability for shit talking.

Yea. Before things went South, he made videos upon videos sucking up and kissing Ernesto’s ass.


This is why I’m so hesitant to ever sell stuff.

And its always the people who want to get free stuff that will turn around and stab you in the back.

I worked with a skate company few years back, and probably some of the worst damage done to the brand was by some of the sponsored riders who decided they didn’t like the product anymore.


I have personally witnessed his interactions with @Kaly as I and many of the riders in NYC frequent Ernesto’s shop, because of his excellent reputation, stellar customer service and generally great personality, and this guy is the fullest of shit person that I have ever met. Many of us in the NYC Collective (not that I speak for them all) know that Vitalie is a scammer himself. Glad the eskate community can see through bullshit, call it out when necessary, and see the real.


Son of a bitch! Looked into his channel. And he renamed another one of the Kaly videos with that bullshit lie again.

It’s so stupid because the video title is now a click bait, but the content is positive and shows the awesome builds.

This is such a poor way to… well do anything.

What does he think this is going to accomplish?

Youtube doesn’t work this way. He’s just going to tank some of his channels most valuable videos.

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Can’t you report as spam on YouTube?

Done 10cha


What is an ernesto and a calinyc?

not sure if that was esarcasm cause Ernesto is Kaly.nyc Kaly is a company name and Ernesto is the company owner

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