KalyNYC...Negativity on YouTube

I like your story but the names seem odd :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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srry got mixed up… i just woke up lol

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kaly.nyc is custome esk8 builder mainly trampa. this guy in picture used to suck kaly’s cok. but because for some reason, maybe kaly didn’t give him board for free, now he is stabbing kaly.nyc’s back. Using his punny 10k youtube sub. at best his video is elementry school level. lol I wouldn’t worry this cok sucker. even in toronto people knows kaly’s board is built like a tank.

sorry i took a nap and just woke up and things got mixed up in my head.

but yeah he never post proper video anyways I already unsub ages ago


You must be watching weird porn there buddy


we can all down vote his video so his channel can sink as well I’m first!

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Brigading is bad.

Probably against site rules, almost nowhere allows it.

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Hello everyone Thank you for your support.

The issue with Vitalie was that for a year he was praising my boards and then wanted to get finance by me for a baja board project and that’s when things went south.

He thought that I should compensate him for posting videos of my boards on his channel, that was not going to happen because I don’t pay for videos and less under a threat of bad publicity, that to me is extortion.

I contacted YouTube and was able to remove 2 videos, the rest YouTube informed me that the content of the video don’t have anything offensive and that those not violate their policies.

On the tittle. The only way should be to sue him on libel but that is a long battle.

Thanks everyone and this guy is just a sour person that praises me on his videos and them changes the title, man what a lame person.


I suppose when people see the build quality on your works will be the testament to the product and services you offer.

It’s effing stupid because I saw the title and was wondering what was wrong. Then the entire video was positive and made your build look good.

At least Tishawn is a awesome person & customer


I was actually a subscriber (don’t remember how i became one)…i no longer am. Don’t really care for vindictive and negative people.

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IDK man, I think you’re missing out.

I’ve seen Kaly build. Nothing spared on his builds. Excellent board

Ernesto, we are all with you, your work is a true inspiration.

About this guy, what a cok sucker literally :banana:

He must have been getting a lot of bad karma, not only on reddit but in life, these kind of people just disappears one day and nobody cares about them, what a poor way to live the life.

Please post more often, we miss your build threads!


this guy vitaly is fucking annoying and claims his 12s 6355 190kv Baja board will go 55mph so he can just shut his dumb mouth already.


He can go 55mph straight to hell.


before I unsub, he said that he is going to put foxbox to mellow board motors, and 100 batteries to baja with vesc 6 something like that, and never been featured on his video. I think he borrowed those, anyways 55mph lol, he has no balls to do that. never seen him doing even 40. then he was posting other people’s board and EVs and what not, so I unsubed. just full of bull crap.

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All it did was make me wish i had a direct drive setup kaly has

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I became involved in this forum because fell in love with one of Ernesto’s builds :point_down:. He was my inspiration to get in to this hobby. I only wish one day to have the budget and get the baby that brought me here…


Couple images are worth more than a thousand words. :ok_hand::heart_eyes:

(as for that hijacker Lilliput, he is not even worth the ink spilled here).


Ive reported both videos as spam. very least all of us could do.

Thanks man I’ll be here more often :slight_smile: