KalyNYC...Negativity on YouTube

@Kaly we don’t do ads or youtubers either. Let your work speak for itself, the haters gonna hate, and everyone else will love you.

we’re also putting an end to “special projects”. they always devolve into who owes who what and why, basically what you’re describing here.


I Ernesto,

Don’t listen to bad speakers, your work is of very high quality, just look at the pictures you show us every day. your work is our inspiration. :wink:


What an asshole. That’s something you should take to a lawyer… I mean, yeah, haters gonna hate. But this guy shouldn’t get away with crap like that.

it could be argued that you are now a public figure, a brand, and in that case, libel laws would not be in your favor… unfortunately. Let the sphere of public opinion do your justice…

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Thanks man.

You are right on the special projects. never is smooth sailing, expectations are too HIGH, patience too LOW and can spin out of control like in this case :poop:

@Mathias I thought of going that route but like @squishy654 noted there is not too much.

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Fuck this guy.

@kaly (Ernesto) is the reason I didn’t buy a Boosted or an Evolve. When I started last year, he helped me build an Urban Carver by providing parts, guidance and advice. He’s been nothing but friendly, helpful and generous.

I’m going to bash this idiot in the comments of his video and report it as spam. It’s the least I can do. It’s the least we can all do in fact.


But deserved in this instance I imagine this piece of work will be getting all his recent videos down voted

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I’ll argue that brigading is more scummy than what this guys trying to do.

And there’s no point. This guys not going to be getting any traction with this. Its pretty transparent that its a personal issue.

Brigading and that sort of retaliation will often cause more harm than good.

All you need to do is when it comes up is, vouch for KalyNYC builds. If people ask about this guy that swears they’re crap, explain it to them.