KEDA 56-63 195KV Brushless Outrunner 6S 1500W


I was wondering could you use this motor on a 10s setup? What would happen? I’m thinking of combining this motor with the motor mount and pulley kit both from HK. The reason for all this is because some dude is selling this motor for quite cheap and since I’m going for a budget build, better for my pocket. And handy to install because they all fit together.

I also have a last question regarding the batteries. Why do some people use 6s and some 10s or even 12s? I get that the higher voltage, the better. But the reason people go for 6s is mainly price I think? Am I wrong?

It’s rated for 6S but you can try it if you can get it very cheap, maybe it just works fine. If it shouldn’t work go for the Keda 190Kv.

I know for sure these work with the hobbyking motor mount so that’s good. I should just try it, how cheap can you get the motor?

I was told by keda that it could handle 10s no problem. In their site it is listed as 10s

There is a 10s and a 6s Version. I sell a Brand New 6s Version with Silicone mod for only 30€ plus shipping.