KEDA 6364 200kV

Can anyone supply me with the dimensions, please? I’m trying to work out if I will be able to fit them in dual configuration on my trucks. Are they a decent motor? has anyone fitted hall sensors?

Thanks, Shaun.

Just check on their page lol

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I checked with HK but they can’t even confirm the dimensions lol

I can when I get home if someone else doesn’t beat me to it.

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@Ckarg thank you!

Two won’t fit on calibers 20190220_133436

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Ok. I’m using e-calibers so have a little more room. Would you mind measuring the can from the front face to back of the bearing?

It’s 66mm


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Lenght is exactly 65,50mm. I have already told you in your last topic, you can fit two on e-caliber, even with 15mm belts. :slight_smile:


Thank you.

Go easy, I’m in a pickle with these motors haha!

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Pulled the trigger on two of these.

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Update 10 char





1554961001278520217948978595206 ran mine for about a week and it shorted. At 70a on a 10s5p

What shorted and where?

I’ve been running mine for 600kms

And I got it second hand quite beat up already. These are rock solid

Not sure something wad wromg with the wrap . i took the motor apart and noticed random solder in between the wrap thats only on that one. I think ot was just a fluke.