Keep it Real- gold/black beauty

10s4p 10A Samsung r25 cells

2* Motors information: Brand: L-Faster Model: 6374 Voltage: 36V Power: 3000W RPM: 230KV ( RPM / V ) Max current: 150A Shaft diamter: 10mm

Trucks, wheels, pullys - L-Faster VESCS - Maytech


Looks good, what’s your opinion on those trucks? I’m planning on using those for a build.

Its a very new built so I haven’t got the chance to really test it… from early impression they feel good, you have to put them on a mountain board or some 35-40 degree raisers otherwise you’ll have (almost) no steering…

What’s your enclosure, is that a plant tray?

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Exactly… It wasnt deep enough so i added layers of polygal to add hight for the parts

Cool, I’ve used those too. You know what’s even better than that though for adding height? 5/8/10/12mm rubber sheet. Not only is it easy to cut and work with, you cut out to the width and length you require and it also adds vibration dampening…


That’s actually a great idea, I’ll definitely Apply

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Have you had some time on these trucks yet? What do you think so far?