Kegel Aluminum wheel pulley 16mm 36T options?

I know i can buy some at… but they are now 83.00 Can / each !

Wish someone made a model like this :

They would be relatively light and Durable !

Have you checked out @torqueboards one?

He does’ nt have 15mm wide pulleya.

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What about a 3D printed one from your local 3d hubs?

Im not convinced about their durability ???

You should be able to get 100-200km with ABS. Maybe more with nylon or abs plus

That is not much!, … aluminum will last thousands of km !

I just want to install and not worry about it!

Just making a suggestion dude… find it yourself.

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Thanks for the suggestion anyhow. I was’nt bieng impolite, just stating a fact. Cmon… 200km is not even worth the time and money !

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those pulleys are nice. the shape looks cnc’d so 83 is about right…

I just printed a few 34/36t in pla, with 15mm they last pretty long. more like 300-400km which is the right time to do a safety check/rebuild anyways…

they are cheap and you can get them now. upgrade to alu when there are more options…

Hey there!

JJ here from Performance Longboarding - This is our pulley. : )

We’re moving towards a GT3 supported pulley for our use, but if there’s enough interest, I would do another run of HTD5 in 36T.

They’d be $45, if there’s enough interest to do a minimum run of 20pcs.

Maybe I’ll do some sort of pre-sale to gauge interest???

More photos…


And now there are more options! :boom:

Nice, i think they would be enough interest to hit 20 for htd5 at that price… why gt3? less resistance?

That, and better ground clearance (smaller wheel pulley) for any given ratio.

I’m in for (4) HTD 5M 16mm, 36T !

Is Performane Longboarding web active or not?

@SolidSurfer could you make a photo of the axle-side? with my cronin construction (that 30mm pipe), a wheel pulley need to be very thin around the teeth, giving me a large free inner diameter. thats why the esk8 pulley wont work for me, neither do the alien power system ones. so, in the same boat as @Randyc1 here - the first picture he posted would be perfect for me.

The picture i have (axle side) whitepony is actually from the same Pulley, it’s a picture he posted on endlessphere a year ago.

It’s the best design in my opinion, Strong and light.

As Randyc1 mentioned, the Purple Kegel at the top of the thread is the axle side of the 36T. Your 30mm Ronin modification would be no problem.

I’ll likely do a pre-sale feeler with more photos next week, once I confirm some details…

Have these Pulleys ever been used ?,… my only concern is if there is sufficient material for the Threads ?, how thick is material at that point ?

Pre sale feeler is a good idea , i’m sure people will be interested in this Light Alum version !

Wanting to get a little further along with our electric offering before re-launching the site. That said, it’s going slow, so there’s a good chance we’ll be back online minus electric sometime soonish.

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I have not used them personally, but others have with no issues. The connection and feel is pretty bomber - happily guarantee their integrity.