Kegel and Abec push fit pulleys (not bolt through), who makes them?

As the title suggests, I’ve done a load of reading but I just cant find these (other than printed) and I’m sure they exist.

I’m looking for Kegel and Abec push fit pulleys in aluminium with 36 and 40 teeth. Are these made from the same unicorn poo as 15mm steel motor pulleys? It seems so strange that these parts aren’t just on every store in the hundreds to me!

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@JLabs is releasing something along these lines I believe.


I posted some details here, I think it what your looking for


You can’t release these fast enough. Make sure it’s a big batch :smiley:

I never thought to look there, thank you for this.

Edit: The only issue with these bad boys is that Metroboard don’t do anything in half measures and that meaty 18mm pulley laughs at my Caliber 2 trucks.

Very nice design. Will they be made of metal?

Then it should be fine with single drive on Calibers. Unless you get some @e.board_solutions extended axle Calibers

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As today, there are NO SPROCKET WHEEL PULLEYS in the market MADE OUT OF ALUMINUM and produced in MASS QUANTITIES… NON at all.

@JLabs is releasing Kegel & ABEC type wheel pulleys with sprockets in the coming days. Metroboard sells aluminum wheel pulleys but you are required to shave an internal ring in order to use them with other trucks; still, is a bear to get those pulleys because Metroboard stubbornly sells them only to Metroboard previous costumers. Ollinboards is the other manufacturer producing aluminum pulleys with sprockets (Kegel/Popoca type hubs) but only for their own Ollin Revolver Idler Drive system (single or dual diagonal drives) and not for individual sales.



My pulleys are 7075 aluminum and anodized black…

And I will have ~150 of them in stock very soon


Ooooohh @JLabs , my mistake. Thought they were made out of POM !!

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Can you bolt them onto the wheel or is it just a push fit?

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I think @JLabs pulleys will be push-fit and two piece. Seems like you can fit either Kegel or ABEC sprockets to which the pulley is also attached, and for example, if you decide to change your pulley size, you detach the 32T pulley and push-fit a new 40T pulley (to the Kegel or ABEC sprocket already in place).

Essentially the exact same thing as Evolve/Enertion push-fit pulleys, except ALUMINUM is what the world needs, in 40T - 44T, in at least 15mm width, preferably 17-20mm

You can always make the motor pulley bigger but not smaller – which is why 36T pulleys are not good


Yeah, the key aspects here are ALUMINUM and PUSH-FIT. Whithout those two critical features in current wheel pulleys systems, we’ll be stuck in the mud for a loooonnnggg time.

I mean, titanium would also be fine. But metal is a must-have and non-negotiable.


They are a push fit into the wheel, and then you just bolt on what ever Pulley you want (32,36,40,44)

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Mhhh no good for me. I need 36T or 40T bolt on since my axle isn’t long enough to provide space for the pulley bearing …

There are plenty of bolt-on pulleys around, this thread is for press-fit. There are 75 different bolt-on pulleys I could use but 0 good press-fit pullies


I agree but nothing really nice for Kegel hubs, most of them are for Abec hubs.