Kegel / Caguama Pulley PLA+ 32T 34T 36T 12mm 15mm wide EU

Hey Guys,

my name is Marcel and I’m an engineer from Berlin, Germany.

I was quite unsatisfied with the available Pulleys for Caguama / Kegel styled wheels. That’s why I decided to make my own ones.

I’m offering them to you as well. My construction is quite simple, so it is no problem for me to provide any tooth number or width. In the following pictures you can see a 32T 12mm wide pulley.

IMG_4816 Pulley_real Collage_Pulley IMG_4819

I’m printing these in 100% PLA or PLA+. So far I just have reliable experience with PLA but the PLA+ looks a bit stronger, so it should just have positive effects.

The pulleys work perfectly with Caliber II trucks. No adjustments needed. Bearings are changeable without dismounting the pulley.


  • 13€ for one compete kit including one Pulley, one counterpart, 5 M4x45 bolts and 5 M4 lock nuts


  • 3€ to germany (untracked)
  • 4€ to germany (tracked)
  • 9€ to EU (untracked)
  • 11€ to EU (tracked)

I’m very sorry that the shipping rates are that high but since this year its restriced to send goods per international letter by german post… that’s why it has to be a parcel which is quite expensive. Message me for shipping outside EU. IMHO it doesn’t make that much sense because it is so expensive.

Payment via paypal is preferred.

Write me a message when you’re interested! :slight_smile: Please include how many teeth and which width you need.

Cheers! :blush:


Zu “new items for sale” verschoben :wink:


Out of curiosity, what kegel core pulleys have you tried? I was planning on getting one from , but yours is much cheaper. (Then again, theirs is aluminum.) I’m assuming you could do 15mm wide pulleys as well, right?

Danke, ich konnte die Kategorie “new Items” leider nicht auswählen…

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Caguama and kegel, I have both here. I think the also have it 3D printed for cheaper but just 36T… Yeah, 15mm is no problem.

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What I meant was, “why aren’t you satisfied with options from other brands / people”, “what brand’s pulleys have you tried before” ?

The ones I found for a reasonable price were all 36T but I wanted 32T. The models I found online with 32T were either for imperial screws and nuts or without nuts which i think is a but to dangerous.

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PLA has a glass transition temp of only 60deg, I would rather go with some abs mixture or nylon


My printer doesn’t go for nylon that well. But I had no issues with PLA, after a few hundred kilometers the is just a little wear. Nothing to worry about. So with PLA+ would be even better and more than strong enough. PLA+ is even stronger than ABS.

worst case scenario: hot summer day, lots of infrared hits the skateboard and the entire truck gets warm because of the motor–heat.

I would go for a higher glasüberganstemperatur, or just try it for myself :confused:

Dont get me wrong, those prints look great, and I belive you if you say that they hold up well. Id rather go to ABS+ / ABS-PC that has a 100-110 soft point

Surely all depends on your setup and stuff. From my experiences I guess I never seen more than 40-50 degrees on components. So PLA might get weak for extreme summer activities. But PLA+ holds up to 75 degrees which is in the same area as nylon or PETG. So everything should be save with PLA+.

But thanks for your thoughts!

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Hi there I have an Ownboard w2, brilliant board, I tried to put Cuagamas on it, but realised the rear wheels did not fit the wheel pulley, as it was for abec styles wheels (no holes to fit cuagamas) Its a 3M belt, can check other details and measurements if need be. Its a dual belt driven board/ wheels. Would your pulleys fit my board and work well. Thanks can reply here or privately, I’m new to this forum and forums in general so dont know how the replying works. Cheers

You’re looking for a boosted pulley. Those ran kegel style wheels like your cags, and are in the 3M flavor.

Come check out https://forum., a lot more active, this forum is belly up.

check you PM please, thank you