Kegel + Caliber problem?

TL;DR Kegel wheel + wheel pulley don’t turn on caliber trucks but all is fine if I don’t have the inner bearing and spacer on.

Sooo, building a second board for my wife and all the little engineering hurdles are fine except this one that I can’t solve…

Essentially, we’ve put kegel wheels on Caliber II 50s and they work perfectly fine, bearings are solid and if I spin them they go on for ages.

Now, I’m trying to mount the wheel pulley, no problems here, but the trucks are too thick for the pulley to fit. No problem, bore out the hole a bit wider and now, by themselves, the wheel pulley spins fine, slap a wheel on with only a bearing on the outside and it spins fine. Add the spacer and inner bearing and the whole wheel pulley gets stuck on the hanger and when I take off the wheel the inner bearing and spacer get pulled out too.

The same happens no matter which of the 4 kegel wheels I use and I got the wheels and pulley 2nd hand from someone on this forum so I know its worked before (though they didn’t have caliber 2 trucks).

What on earth is going on? Anyone have experience with this? I’d take a picture but nothing looks off from the outside.

Thanks, I’m worried the problem is right under my nose nut I can’t see it :confounded:

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