Kegel Wheel Pulley on Boosted Stealth Wheels

I’m currently riding the Orangatange 85mm Caguma wheels and was thinking about getting the Boosted Stealth 85mm wheels. Can someone confirm that the TB kegel style wheel pulley (this one) will work on these?

I don’t think so. The TB wheel pulleys are bolt on, so there is a need for a through hole. The boosted wheels seem to be more for a slip on pulley, as the holes are only on one side, and don’t pass through.

If you have a drill with the right sized bit, i 'd say you can try drilling the hole all the way if you really want to use these wheels.

Bummer. The grey/black stealth wheels are growing on me, but i’ll just stick with the orange caguma’s until I find something that will work with the pulley or doesnt require drilling. Thank @Linny

If you’re looking for black colored ‘kegel’ style wheels. There’s the @OllinBoardCompany Popocas.


Fan of the 90mm for high speed and 78a for a softer/grippier ride, but i love the 58.5mm width on the orangatangs.

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if you are careful enough you could drill through. On a vertical drill for example.

Boosted original pulleys fit cagauamas, so they should have the same pattern.

You could dye your wheels too