Kegel wheel pulley will NOT center

I’ve tried it on 2 different wheels and get the same results. I was building this board for @SyrusB, and noticed his pulley was off center when I got all the parts from him.

No big deal, I’ll just re-center it, right?

nope, doesn’t want to ever get centered on the first wheel, so I try a second with the same outcomes.

I’ve installed abec 11 pulleys from enertion (the old aluminum ones like this kegel pulley) countless times without this level of persisting issues.


edit: it is a 12mm pulley form @torqueboards

Why is there space between the pulley and the wheel? Did you tighten all the bolts evenly?

EDIT: Sorry, looks like it is supposed to be like that.

The pulley flange never touches the wheel, only the inner part of the pulley makes contact

Maybe it was just poorly machined, you definitely tightened the bolts evenly? Have you tried redoing them?

Yep I’ve redone it a couple times, and can get it lines up with the bolts are loose (too loose to use with a belt and rider weight) but if I snug them down at all (even if I do it evenly in an x pattern) the pulley is immediately thrown off

Moving to the 3rd wheel now… 3rd time’s a charm, lol

@cmatson The retainer ring on top should help center the kegel wheel. You have to drill the bolts adjacent to each other. It’s very easy to get it unaligned properly. You can easily screw one bolt in too much on one side which throws it off overall.

The bolts are loose inside the kegel pulley. Make sure that the pulley hub is seated in the center and I’d drill all bolts loosely first and tighten each one adjacent to each other until it’s tight.

You can’t just drill tight each side as much as possible otherwise it will be lopsided.

If it’s a machining issue we’ll replace it for you.

Thanks for the advise.

I’ll get a fresh start and just work it slow

Got it fixed- third wheel was the charm. It’s still a little off, but not enough to mess anything up: