Kegels/caguamas? Anyone, willing to ship to Aus

Looking for some kegels or caguamas, if anyone’s got some let me know. You do need to be willing to ship to Aus though.

Used is all g, preferably under about $80 shipped.

Evolve may have some ex demos, they have late night shopping today I was going to call in I will let you know.

I’ll ship to aus, I have the purple kegs

I’m in Aus(Perth) and have a set of purple kegels with minimal use. Pm me an offer and I’ll send you some pics.

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Anything else your chasing? I’m in Perth and have a few things…

I have brand new caguamas in purple and orange, new purple Kegles and used orange Kegels.

@Movation Thanks let me know what you find.

@Friskies @KaramQ Sorry guys kinda looking for 80a, should have stated that.

@Tomer What would you want for the orange kegels? And for the caguamas?

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No Demo Kegals (only new ones for $120AU) but looks like Evolve will have a new board out soon…

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Damn, $120 is overpriced, they can be got on eBay for $100