Kegels or abec 11 90 flywheels?

making a board that will be 33" loaded tesseract truncated on calibers with a 10s 3p with s2 bindings fitted for jumping and stuff. which is better 9abec 90s or kegel 80s? want to be able comute on the board too but wanna keep the weight down. anyone know the weights each tried searchin google no luck

Pick the softest urethane as possible…abec11 has you covered in that aspect, very smooth, grippy and comfortable. Kegels are nice too but don’t offer as smooth ride as the abec11 counterparts. Also, the diameter is as important. I’m using 97mm Abec11 atm and I’m very very happy with them. I’ll probably get the 107mm wheels next year, 74A urethane should be even more comfy and smooth.

I would think that they are close to the same weight as the hub in the fly wheels was specifically done to take the weight off the core.

Kegels run really smooth. They are offset so the outer lip deflects and absorbs vibration a bit better than the flywheel. The kegel core is also a “house” core so we are going to see a lot of eskate specific wheels hitting the market very soon at a much better price than the flywheel line. Take our Ollin Popoca for example, it is uses the same hub as a kegel but is a centerset 90mm 78a wheel. A lot of other companies will soon follow our lead and offer other wheels using this core. You will have many more options if you start off using kegel type pulley adapters.


I want 97mm Popocas!


Thanks for the explanation.

But all things considered (that is local pavement, streets in general) I find a much smoother ride with bigger and softer wheels. I just run over basically everything.

I’m more intrigued with going the 107mm route than 90mm route. And 78A won’t ever feel as soft as the 74A anyway.

Nevertheless, those Popocas look really dope and they would make my board look so much better than the green/orange Abecs, that’s a fact really. :wink:

I’m trying to breed 97mm popocas…


my board is 33" long with s2 bindings for doing ollies/180s/jumping curbs etc… 97 or 107 would look strange and definetly weigh more 107s are like a kg

true also have enertion bringing out the street and crossover wheels which are gunna be based off the kegel core as i emailed them yesterday and they said along with justin when i asked on the faebook live chat that kegel wheel pulleys will work.

Durometer between wheel manufactures is always a little different. Our 78a wheel feels similar to a 75a flywheel. @bigben to me our popocas feel softer, what do you think? Might feel softer due to the wider lip?

They feel sticky, soft and very good! Absolutely nothing like a set of abec clones I crossed paths with. Thanks for sending these out, I was crucified with import taxes but the kids will thank me with their new boards. One has kegels and the other lucky one will have the popocas!

Popopca, Kegel, Abec

Just a shot for comparing contact patches. Kegel and Popoca are almost identical width, there’s just a lip on the Popoca and the lip is rounder than the Abec’s.

For commuting over 3 miles I personally would go with 90mm – the extra size helps a lot with comfort and surviving bad conditions.


What @chaka said. I’m hoping to have a wheel similar to the popoca but much wider sometime in 2018. I’m in agreement for the standardization of a core type, and i prefer the Kegel style cores. I’m hoping to have a 6cm or wider wheels with an offset core in 90mm at 76a or about that.

i’ve been riding around on the popocas for a few weeks now and i love them. Crazy awesome wheels.

i may need wells though. At first i didn’t have any bite but then i leaned really hard at some point and it bit.


They feel more billowy than abecs to me…

can ii get these In Europe?

Only if you mug my kids on the way to school…


:joy: lol shit outa luck so

Does anyone have a source for drive wheel pulleys for Ollin Popocas 90mm or Orangatang Kegels 80mm, 36T-44T?

search button is your friend.

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I’ll have some finished later this week. This is the version we will use with our drive but we are making a bolt on version too.

Alien also sells a nice adapter/pulley set. Fits the Popoca perfectly!