Kenda slicks super smooth

I know there are many options for wheels and tyres however I swapped my alt terrain tires on a pair of MBS Aluminum Rockstars and they just ride so nice at 55lbs. They are 200mm and smooth as butter.



Looks nice! Where did you get them?


I got like 8 tires when I bought a board a while back. The board was originally an e-glide ultimate carve however I have updated the motors and drive to BLDC as the original was a heavy brushed motor. The tires are pretty inexpensive however they are 4ply the Kenda part number is K-909-007 they are really nice and thick last a long time, the tyre is made from the same material as car tires. I think they should be easily found on google/ebay.

Let me know if you need any additional information,


here ya go… $11.95 with free shipping…(I am in no way associated with this ebay seller)

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I have been looking for these in the UK, had kenda on my bicycle and liked them.

You okay with filling up to 55psi on a 36psi rated tires? I’d be a little worried.

The side wall says 50psi 3.5 bar…? I just run 55 but sure 50 would be fine…my all terrain tyres made Cheng Shin tire are rated at 36psi as I said these Kenda are higher rated higher and seem to be a better construction and I have no worries.

ah, okay. The photo in the above link seemed to show 36psi, but it must be an inaccurate one. Good luck and carry on…

I see what your saying I just grabbed a ebay listing that listed this tyre sorry about the confusion but the Kenda slicks are 50 psi. or this is more accurate: