Key ignition switch for added security

I was thinking about ways to protect my Esk8 from getting stolen. GPS is a good idea if your board is stolen, but that usually requires a subscription or they have ones that only work through Bluetooth, so not the best solution, still it isn’t a bag idea. Recently I saw a photo of a bracket that very cleanly mounts a female xt90 to the outside of an enclosure. I thought if you were to place that before the on/off switch and use a loop key, that would be a nice way of preventing your board from being ridden off. I was still thinking about that today and figured if I wanted to have a sort of key ignition switch, why not get an actual one? I did a Google search which came back with some pretty good choices.

This one is my favorite so far, but I think this would be really cool to have one of these installed so unless you have the key, the on/off switch wouldn’t work.

Granted, someone could just take the board without riding it and then if they knew enough they could simply open it up and do some rewiring, but another thing I though was maybe instead of using common screws or bolts, etc… one could get a fastener that is one of those really unusual shapes that requires ordering the exact tool to open them. Further, if you were to have the screw hole counter sink in a bit, you could cover up over the screws with a dowel or something similar which matches your board.

Truly the best way to prevent someone from opening up your board would be to just seal it and make sure 100% everything is working, lol, but obviously that’s not a good idea. Something I just thought of which would be pretty cool, is, once again make sure everything is working perfectly, and let’s assume this is a top side cover to the enclosure, well you could secure it down with the screws, and then cover over it with grip tape. Since grip take is so cheap, this really wouldn’t be too terrible of an idea in my opinion… I dunno, what do you guys think??.


THis has been discussed at length…in the early days. Here’s the reason it wont work.

Most of these switches use a single pin to hold the key in place when in the on position. It will vibrate out of place within a few minutes and then the key will fall out and you will likely never notice as its so small. Then you have a board you can’t turn off.

Good idea though.


I think I’m going to get some renters insurance. At least, until option found

That’s a good point, however the switch that I posted the picture of, it allows you to remove the key from either position of on or off, so that wouldn’t be a concern anymore.

Give it a shot, it might not vibrate to goo :slight_smile:. I bought a couple of on/off switches made for forklifts thinking they would be really robust…not so much.

So maybe just that first thing I mentioned about a loop key on the outside would be the simplest, best choice then?

I was thinking about that concept and my conclusion was they would unbolt it and just complete the circuit the key was holding So really your best key is the remote but Again They can google how to replace remote, Probably would be very hard because pulsswidth settings would be different but again They could read Focbox and google that. but again another conclusion if they stole it they probably wont give it back anyway maybe then you could find it on craigslist. “Electric skateboard missing remote” :joy:

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I don’t any need for this. I use loopkey to power on my board, but if I don’t lock it on the post or somewhere you can just carry it away. Or if u leave it locked in a post it’s probably smashed in the pieces when you come back.

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I have never had a e-switch on a Bestech BMS fail, but I just had my first Bestech BMS failure. So yesterday I would have said either BMS E-Switch or Loop Key, but I’m thinking Loop Keey is the go to solution at this point. I’ve never had one fail, the only danger is if you do not fully insert the XT90’s plug, than can cause chaos.

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I like the remote idea. Perhaps you could have the key switch put in the remote. Lol, you would have double security that way haha :wink:

Nah Dude Just nano remote fits in your pocket easy. Maybe just maybe you could somehow you could program the stupid extra buttons to do a unlock pattern.

Or the other option

  • keep your eyes on the board
  • give the remote to no one. Yea that’s right, I don’t let anyone ride my board. But I also have no desire to ride anyone elses.
  • lock up your board, I leave a bike lock at work under my desk that the board gets locked to when I go to lunch
  • Board goes in trunk of car to not be sen when it’s in the car.
  • riding in sketchy areas, if you wouldn’t stop on a bike for people, don’t stop for people on your eks8.

I really don’t understand how people get their boards stolen, without themselves being careless and it being their own fault…

The only time this should be possible is when it is not in your possession such as LHB shipping boards. Otherwise, it’s your’s to take care of, your’s to pay attention to, your’s to not get stolen.


What I love about esk8 when you need to stop by a shop to buy a drink and something to eat that fits your backpack You can take your esk8 in, Unlike bikes OH how many times have I seen bikes with 1 wheel stolen. or a broken bike chain. Oh and never give your esk8 to police they think if they confiscate it They get dibs LOL.

Oh I never leave my board anywhere, it always goes with me, I guess this is me just being over protective and adding more hassle to the build that isn’t necessary haha.

High voltage Danger Only to be opened by a professorial sticker might help :smiley:


Haha that’s clever. I could rig a taser to go off unless you have the key!

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another idea would be place a snake in your enclose.:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil: I would not touch a board with something hissing inside.

If someone did steal my board from me while I was riding, I would eagerly wait for them to street their face with no protective gear.

Not many people are used to 200+ motor amps, if you can get my board from me, without me headbutting the shit out of you with my helmet, and manage to get away with my board, I will likely find you on the ground in a few feet.


Just make it so it runs fine without the key, but after a random amount of time (1 to 5 minutes) it shocks the deck with a taser or just randomly locks up the brakes, especially when speeds are higher it’s more likely


Like this? :stuck_out_tongue: