Keyway (johnny Kit)

I’ve Got this kit from @johnny_261 I don’t want to make any mistakes And I have no Key, An Advice?

Read the topic no need to start one for this

I know he does not include Key, But I Overlooked that.

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There is no keyway slot on Keda motor so you don’t use it or you need to make one. To secure pulley on the shaft you need to use a file and create a flat spot(s) on the shaft for a grub screw(s). Or/and use some Loctite 6xx to secure it. Also Keda motors have really short shaft, I wouldn’t go for 15mm, depending on the motor mount you will have half a pulley sticking out…

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Iv’e bought it, I understand i must file a flat spot for key, But what key will work?

You have the terms mixed up. You don’t file a flat spot for key but for grub screw. You don’t use a key because there is not slot for it on the shaft.

OK I have no Idea about anything about fitting the pulley on the motor,

Your talking about this or something els? a170511cd2e0d8d64fb21fc4a3b8e03cbeef147a_1_375x500

Yes, you don’t have that slot.

I can Create it,

But that Black thing “Key” I do not have,

So is there a second method Or that is the only way?

I already gave you the other way. Flat spots and grub screws + Loctite. Or only Loctite.

For the key, if you can create the slot: products/motor-keyway


I dont know what Grub Screws are, did anyone do your method forum link?? :slight_smile:


Shipping for the Key is 40$ LOL

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You know how and have the tools for making a keyway yet don’t know what a bore,flatspot,keyway or grub screw are?


I’ve googled it but I Don’t get what that weird thing would do.,

I use my dads tools.

And I don’t know all the terms because this is my first time doing stuff like this.

How are you going to make a keyway?

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Maybe use a dremel,