Kickstarter Walnut Spectra launches

nod to @Michaelinvegas who saw it first lol

launching with 4 different models and price points starting at $299

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hmmm. I don’t know how I feel about this. I will never feel comfortable when my movements on the board are the actual controle. (z board etc.). I tired it and I felt trapped, uneasy and frankly super scared. But then at 12mph might a different experience. ( but that speed is regular pushing speed though)

I would have to agree, never tried a zboard but would have same reservations. This one has an app as alternative phone remote control. And yes, more worried about movement control at 20+ mph lol! Should be interesting to watch either way.

The only way that little pebble flicker is going to hit 21mph is if you weigh 100 pounds and are naked.

I’m trying to approach this control scheme objectively in my mind. We’re used to hand helds, high performance, and options in foot placement which forms a bias. An individual with a fresh mind might find this control scheme optimal for short commuter runs down the street or whatever.

I find it insane for the kind of riding i do which is very fast, very long runs down carvey trails.

Also the only way it’s going to go up a 27% slope it’s if Verne Troyer is their only customer.


exactly my thought. If I ride I shift so much weight around (forth and back /sideways) in order to carve, go around turns etc. So having that restricted feelt so stupid and just plain bad. That being very personal though and not a objectif opinion

Casey’s first try of the Spectra didn’t go so well:


Yeap, I saw that one too. He ended up frustrated with the little devil, amazed but frustrated. :disappointed_relieved: Like they say: “First impression is the one that counts”

This is great! Now I can identify all the suckers on campus.

That video right there shows how Neistad knows manure about esk8ing. Case closed. Reading the dang thing’s manual is the drop that filled his glass. He is just a mediatic animal. Light-years behind as an esk8 savvy dude.

We aren’t talking about technical knowhow, we are talking about learning curve and the user experience. If Casey has been skating for years and can’t get the spectra to work from the get go, that means the stance one must take to control the board is vastly different than what is used by your average skater (theoretically your average consumer). The stance is just counterintuitive. Something tells me their ‘A.I.’ really just refers to the learning curve of adapting to that weird stance.

NEVERMIND the inherent flaw of shifting your weight to the front to go faster, but I digress.

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I recently got a OneWheel+ and I so wish that think has a remote. Accelerating and decelerating by shifting weight is scary

I actually met the CEO and developers early on during development I got to test one of their prototypes and spoke to then about increasing battery and deck size along with offering remote controlled APP. Some of these reccomendations seem to have been emplemented, the motors wer also very toquey and felt great. I was not however a fan of the weigh sensing and told them that up front, its more of a niche feature than something anybody would want to use for a commute. Good board but they will need to remove the weightsensing and perhaps offer a larger battery, and also get a handheld remote for it to be considered as something you might go out and buy

something about his face in this video bothers the shit out of me.

Oh yeah, its his douchy face.