Kicktail deck wanted for trade

I have a traditional longboard deck here and I want to trade it for a kicktail longboard deck, I just can’t skate without being able to pump or manual turn like on my penny board. Looking for something like this.

I have this 42inch deck for trade or other esk8 components. Please comment if you are interested.

ZC Skate Shop

Check these guys out:

bustin makes really reasonable small kicktail boards.

I am looking more for a maple deck and straight edges. Again I don’t want to spend money 'cause I am kind of broke. :money_with_wings:

I only need the deck and I don’t feel really safe on self-propelling crusiers. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is your fifth topic in two days. I am limiting you here - please do not post any more for sale topics for a little while.

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Oxelo board, they are the best, super wide aswell

Couldn’t find just a longboard deck nor with kicktail. :expressionless: Do you have a link?

Not expensive either

We’ll see. I was looking for just $25~ and blank deck. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

bro, you need a job…haha

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Wat do you think my thumbnail is, a casual selfie at home?