Kid in a Candy store, Torque, MSB, Vesc


I took you to the candy shop.

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What battery config? Top speed? Looks absolutely amazing, but give us the details!

Battery: Two 5000 mah, 6S, 20C in series. I carry two sets while riding.

Theoretical top speed is 32 Km, my first run I had it up to 26 Km, but i wasnt pushing it.

Two Motors 6374 190KV 3150 W

Two TORQUE ESC VESC Electronic Speed Controller enclosed in a vented Pelican box.

Trampa trucks.

TorqueBoards 2.4ghz Nano Remote Controller.

Board rides good but I have a couple of issues. The breaking is too strong so i decreased the amount of motor min amps. The other issue im having is the throttle, its too sensitive, like really sensitive, like knock you on your ass sensitive. Do you guys of any suggestions on programming for smooth acceleration? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

I like your design of pulling the wires underneath the board! Btw, do you feel 6S configuration is powerful enough? What’s your drive train ratio setup?

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That is the nano remote. Very unreliable and all around a terrible remote. For your safety get a mini, benchweel, or GT2B.

72 / 13, Ive only had one ride so far, lots of power, I went with lower kv so i have higher torque. I use two 6s in series.

I went with the nano because i like the size, Is the benchwheel better?

I’ve used the nano for 9 months and built 3 boards for other people using the nano, and haven’t had any problems with it.

I am using same ratio and same kv (68/12, 192kv) on a 10S. Still building it and yet to test. I fear it’s going to be over powered …

What have been the comments from the riders you built for regarding the nano?

I know you can adjust the throttle curve in Foc mode and with a firm ware upgrade but thats too technical for me. I would love to be able to just the throttle curve in BLDC mode.

I’ve specifically asked them about the controller because I was aware it had issues and was ready to replace it if they had any problems, but they’ve all told me that they’ve never experienced a signal cut-out or any other issues while using it.

That being said, I do suspect that the remotes can have issues depending on which batch the remote comes from, because some members have had complaints about the remote, but as far as I know, the last batch that had issues was shipped in July/August of 2016, so the new batches should work fine

Thats good to hear but can the throttle issue be addressed.

I’d suggest first reducing your start-up boost in BLDC Tool under the advanced tab. That’s the simplest and probably easiest way to keep it from knocking you off the board.

What are your motor amps set at? Reducing those slightly will also make the acceleration less aggressive but it will come at the expense of power.

I adjusted the startup boost from .16 to .15. That along with the lower motor max and adjusting the display settings gave it a smoother speed acceleration. I think ill adjust both a little more.

On a side note, as i was locking my feet in I accidentally gave it full throttle. Wow, we both went vertical, me on my ass and the board straight up in the air. Thankful for my G form padding and helmet. Top speed today was 33 km/hr. thats 20.5 Miles/Hr. and that wasn’t even pushing it. It was a great ride on an doff road. 15 km. trip.