KillShot (clone) >> 190kv Single/10mAh/Headlights/USB Charging/Volt Meter

So my pintail is in about a thousand pieces. Looks like I drilled to many holes for the enclosure…popped a curb and came down too hard and split the deck all over, broke the front out of my 1 day used Psychotiller flagship enclosure (I can maybe fix it tho), maybe messed up a battery (gotta re-solder a balance lead and test) & got a nice case of street shoulder. Rough day to say the least.

I had allready ordered some stuff to use for a re-build, so now Im gonna build a new one.

Below is all the parts I’ll be using on this build.

SKATEBOARD 50 shades of Death 10x38 Longboard deck $49.99 + Free S&H Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks $34.95 + Free S&H FlyWheels 83mm White Longboard Wheels $20.99 + Free S&H Pig 1/2" 0.5" Skateboard Longboard Riser Pad x2 Black $4.99 + Free S&H

MECHANICAL DIY 40T ABEC11 Drive Wheel Pulley $32.99 + $10 S&H HTD5M Timing Belt Drive Pulley 15 Teeth 8mm Bore $3.79 + $1.49 S&H x2 280-5M-12 Timing Belt Synchronous $ 9.30 + 8.41 S&H korryh 63xx Aluminum 2 piece Motor Mount $50.00 + Free S&H

ELECTRICAL Castle Creations Mamba Monster 2 1:8-Scale 25V $116.47 + Free S&H Electric Skateboard Motor 6355 190KV $90.00 + Free S&H x2 (series) ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 3S1P 30C $64.94 + $10.93 S&H DROKDC8-63V Volt Meter $12.68 + Free S&H USB Charger Adapter Module for 2-6S RC Lipo $3.09 + Free S&H HRD DC-DC Converter 48V 36V 24V 50V Step Down To 12V 3A $3.59 + Free S&H 10Pcs White Eagle Eye 18mm 9W Motor Car Tail Brake Turn Signal FOG DRL LED Light $11.48 + Free S&H Psychotiller’s The Flagship Enclosure $50.00 + Free S&H MED Simple Charging Port Adaptor $14.99 + $8.00

REMOTE FlySky FS-GT2B 2.4GHz 3-Channel Transmitter $26.92 + Free S&H Master Cho GT2B Electric Skateboard Controller Enclosure $25.00 + $3.40 S&H

Parts: $626.16 + S&H: $42.23 = Total Cost: $668.39

Pics incoming, as soon as I get all my stuff.


Looking forward to seeing some pics.

Have you bought most of your parts yet. I have a ez run 150a ESC, 4 4400mah LifePO4 packs (from HK) which are safer than your Zippys, charger, parallel board laying around not being used. I think I used them for about 16 miles before I switched to the spacecell and VESC.

PM if interested - 200.00 including the 63xx mount.

The castle creations mamba controllers are weird and will over amp when yoh start. If you dont mind always starting with a rolling start than you are fine. For 100 you should just get a vesc

Ive never experienced that with a Mamba Monster 2 and this will be my 3rd. I plan on getting a VESC, but for now I just want to get back up and running. There’s a learning curve with the VESC that I think I’m gonna wait to approach on my next one.

so…I finished this board and have been riding for a few weeks, but I popped a curb to hot and busted my enclosure AND the deck is total shit. The deck by itself weighs in at 14 lbs.

I am scrapping this one and using some of the parts for a new build. Info on new build to follow.


I have a quick question. I read that the max amperes given by the batterij is the Ah value * C value. So in your setup that should be 150Amps, right?

But your motor can only handle 80 Amps…

What am i missing?

Thanks, Bram

Prolly the same thing I am missing, havent been able to get my head around batteries yet. No time to spare honestly. The riding skill and mechanical aspects have been easy for me, the ESC varieties and wiring have been almost equally simple, but the battery possibilities are a bit confusing. I eventually need to make a study of it.

Ask @barajabali or @Namasaki, they are both very knowledgeable.

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Okay, will certainly do. Thank you ! Do you by any chance know how to send a private message on this platform?

Yes, ah x C rating = max continuous current That applies to Lipo battery packs.
Li-ions are rated in max cont amp per cell. If the cells are rated at 20a then: 10s1p /20 cells = 20a cont 10s2p /40 cells = 40a cont Etc. a 5ah 60C Lipo cell is capable of 300a but only in theory. The more over rated your battery is the less voltage sag you’ll have under load. This is why after trying Li-ions, I quickly switched back to Lipos. update: The truth is that C ratings are deceptive. And in real life that 5ah 60C battery will only be able to supply around 80a Still the point is that the higher the C rating the better.


Right, okay so with this information. How is it possible that in the setup shown above the motor does not overheat. It says it can handle a max amount of 80A. While the battery pack can deliver 150A?

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Because the battery doesn’t determine how much current goes to the motor. If your using a Vesc in current control, then it determines how much current goes to the motor (This is just one of the advantages of the Vesc) If your using a hobby ESC, then the Esc controls voltage and the amount of Load determines current draw.

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:neutral_face: so… what happend?