Kinda lost where to start haha

Spent $375 for my 10s3p battery. It arrived today. I don’t want to shell out for another one. Lol. Anybody wanna help a guy get started connecting dual VESC

Uh… you have a battery, bms, switch, discharge connector, and a charge port. I’d push that stuff away and focus on the xt90 discharge plug. You can mount all the switches, battery indicators, and charging port into the enclosure later.

You’ll need a xt90 splitter for two vescs. Plug your vescs into those two splitters. Then comes connecting the vescs together via can bus, then adding your rc receiver, then connecting your motors as well as sensor cables to the vesc’s 3 phase connectors.

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Okay thanks man. I have two of the xt90 that I bought from @torqueboards

Edit : I have everything you mentioned here on hand. Just gotta go in the right direction

Would this be correct?

You paid $375 for that!?


Looks like you’re all set. From your last picture it seems you just have to solder 2 male XT90’s onto your Vesc power leads and then those should be powered. Connect the motors trough bullets, setup vesc and mount everything where you want it …

Unless your still shopping for motors, motor mounts, pulleys and belts. you’re there

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Yea unfortunately. Obviously that wasn’t what I was expecting it to look like but ya live and learn I guess. Hopefully it just looks like shit

Yea I have basically everything that I need. Really I owe a great deal of gratitude to @psychotiller for all of his help, advice and products.

Where did you buy that? Looks like shit :confused: and I’d want others to know to not buy anything there. Hopefully it does work good though.


Will park here on the forum. I’m not happy with it at all but not much I can do about it now

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