King Motion downhill dual 6354 10s5p DIYeboard escs

I decided to go with this setup due to my budget but also needed the torque for where I live… HILLS EVERY WHERE! I really needed something to tackle long rides and go up and down hills with crappy paved roads :sweat_smile:.20180919_165310 Started with a King Motion down hill drop through board for stability and I did buy most parts from DIYeboard (6354 motors 180kv, 10s5p battery pack and dual esc) I didnt like the fact that you cant adjust the motors with their trucks and motor mounts so I went with Hobby King mounts and Psychotillers trucks20180915_163532 I painted them black forfor more of a stealth look :slight_smile: as far as the bushings, lol I took a sharpy to them :sweat_smile: Hey! It worked!!! 20180913_145716 20180913_150650
Then I added a carbon fiber wrap on the the bottom. Added a few coats of clear coat to protect it, we’ll see how long that lasts. 20180913_145521 Now here’s where things get interesting. I bought an enclosure from DIY electric skateboard (12s enclosure I believe). With the extra room, I added a 12v brushless fan to keep all the electronics cool. I have a buck down converter to power it with a switch. It also will power a 12v “knight rider”) led I will mount to the rear. I added another buck converter to run a 5v output for some rgb leds for an underbody glow kit and a set of 8000 lumen leds for the headlights. Still waiting for them in the mail.20180916_195612 20180919_165335 ![20180919_165324|666x500](upload://1FjmQGhEMJHqcPIZMF2UGgAFJvn.jpeg 20180920_032528 For better control, I super glued an old ps2 thumb joystick to the trigger. It deffintly made a HUGE difference in the way it accelarated and braked. I suggest doing this for anyone interested in going with these diyeboard escs20180920_221721 20180920_050501


Pretty nice setup. Your weak parts of your board is your esc. Be careful DIYeboard esc getting really hot during my Hill climb test and the brake is deadly strong for me. My solution to reduce heat on my ESC. I add a heatsink and thermal paste in between.

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Beautiful build. How’s the ride? Love those motors. Watch out for bump cut outs during accel and grabby brake in speeds over 20. That deck is dope.

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Thanks :call_me_hand: it’s really nice ride. A bit jerky on acceleration and braking but that’s expected with diyeboard esc. There’s a learning curve but overall, I love it!. I forgot to show a pic of the remote. I added an old ps2 thumb joystick to the trigger and it helps with the controlling ALOT!

ReEdit: I just posted the controller upgrade I made

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What’s your range and total cost?

I have about $700 in it and I think I can get 30 miles out of it. I’ve never rode it till it was dead. I have ridden it twice at 9 miles each and still had about 50% left. Still haven’t reached my top speed yet, I chickened out at 28 mph. I’d say it can hit 30 easy. Keep in mind, I only weight about a 140 pounds too