Kingpin bolt size?

Anyone know what the kingpin bolt size is? Need to get a longer one to fit new bushings

3/8-24TPI IIRC. I’ll check when I get home.

Thanks man

5/16 by whatever length you need

My caliber trucks are 3/8". Maybe they’re oddballs?

Definitely not 5/16. Think 3/8 is correct for KINGPIN (not axle)

Hahaha I just threw that out there. Sorry

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Don’t forget they need to be grade 8 bolts

If you’re getting Orangutan Nipples it needs to be around 3" long.

Yup nipples. I already got them this afternoon. Wasn’t specifically for longboards though. Only shop near my place that sells them is a nut and bolt store.

The threads were apparently larger. Not sure if it will break or not

You can use whatever type of bolt you want for the kingpin, as long as it’s grade 8 and around the same size as the original, you’ll obviously have to get a corresponding nyloc nut for it though if the thread is any different to the original.

I couldn’t find the right length for my trucks to use with the nipples so I had to go a little longer than I’d have preferred which was 3 inches.

65mm (2.55") would be a perfect length but I couldn’t find them…

Grade 8? Not sure what that is but the guy at the shop told me it was the strongest they had.

I got a nylon nut and 3.5 inch bolt and it seems fine for now.

I tried 2.55" but it couldnt fit the nipples

Crikey! 3.5" must be poking out a bit!? :confused:

Yeah a little. That was the shortest they had though :frowning: The nut is pretty big so it doesn’t look as bad