KINTON | Unity Focbox | 10S5P 30Qs | Landyachtz 40 EVO deck | And doubts

Eyhou! :slight_smile:

I’m planning my first build. I already have a longboard, with 6S4P battery, 5055 270KV motor and AT wheels, but is not enough for me. I weight about 85 kg and in my town there are a lot of slopes, for that, I wanna build an esk8 with torque instead of high speed.

I would like to use the esk8 as vehicle to use daily. To go to work, visit a friend, and with care, drink some beers :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanna do my first build with the next set up. I already bought some items, I’m waiting the delivery of others, and I want to resolve some doubts I have before buy other ones. For example, the KV of motors.

I hope you can help me! :smiley:

Main component list

  • ESC - Foxboc Unity - [STATUS: in delivery]
  • Battery 10S5P 30Q - [STATUS: building… ]
  • BMS Bestech 140 - Only for charge - STATUS: not ordered
  • DECK Landyachtz 40 EVO - [STATUS: not ordered] -
  • TRUCKS Calibre II trucks - [STATUS: not ordered]
  • MOTOR MOUNTS 2x TorqueBoards Motor mounts -
  • AT WHEELS recicled for the moment, but I would like to see new ones. If anyone have a AT wheel sugestion, it will be welcomed :smiley: I would like to buy a Trampa wheels.
  • MOTORS in doubt
  • REMOTE Modifying Firefly remote. Electronic working, but remodeling in SolidWorks to add more buttons and change position of trigger and oled.
  • CHARGER [STATUS: Pending… ]

Secundary component list

  • NICKEL STRIPS - 10mm x 0.15mm - From Aliexpress - [STATUS: in delivery]
  • KAPTON - From Aliexpress - [STATUS: in delivery]
  • PAPER INSULATORS - From Aliexpress - [STATUS: in delivery]
  • WIRES - 10AWG, red & black - From Hobbyking
  • TX60 - Battery to Focbox Unity - From Hobbyking
  • TX90 - For Keyloop - From Hobbyking
  • DownStep - 12V-48V to 5V 2A - For LED lights and turnligths. - From Aliexpress - [STATUS: In delivery]
  • LED Strip Addresable for turnlights animations - From Amazon

My doubts


As I said before my weigh is 85Kg and I want to priorize torque instead of speed. I bought cells to build an 10S5P 30Q battery. I already have the spot welder but I’m waiting for the nickel strips.

The next step is the motors! I’m in doubt in the KV: 130, 149, 170KV I’m afraid of taking a KV too low…

At the beginning, it would have a ratio of 13T in motor, 60T in 150mm wheel.

  • APS 6374S Sensored 130KV 3200W - LINK
  • APS 6384S Sensored 170KV 4000W - LINK
  • SK8 6374 Sensored 149KV 3500W- LINK
  • Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

I will update the post with the advances!

Caliber II trucks do not fit 6374 motors. If you choose 6355 motors then you can use them but better go with e-caliber II which will allow you to use 12-15mm belts and pulleys. For 6374 you can go with Torqueboard trucks or better yet Surfrodz trucks.

For 13T 60T and 150mm wheel I would go for a 170-190kv motor.

Happy building.

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How steep hills are we talking here? Your last board had 2X 500W hub motors. Even a dual 6355 setup is going to be a massive upgrade. (5x more power!) I think now that you’re using high quality, high power parts, you should first decide what is the very max max speed you want to reach, and then pick motors.

If you’re looking for non-expensive but good AT pneumatic wheels, check out the Bergmeisters. :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Perfect, I did not have any commitment to those axes in particular. I’ll look at the torqueboard ones.


I don’t have these trucks, so make sure that the motors you linked fit, as all of them are longer than standard 6374 motors.


Well if you go Bergemeister wheels, might pick up already the whole drive train. @riverside.rider could hook you up, maybe even some discount :thinking: To see how it looks, check @Riako


No, my last board is not 2X500W hub motors, is 2x1800W belt motors. I’m afraid because I weight near 90Kg (I have to do diet for esk8, haha).

I have to check my current speed. I do not usually run too much. I will check it with my mobile GPS. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’m going to look at them well!

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Try avoiding sk3’s for dual motors… they are a bitch to fit even with Tb218’s…

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^ no no. the sk3 6374’s fit fine on 15mm belts. it’s the sk8 6374’s that are a bitch to fit. i ended up getting the FatBoy 230mm hangar to fit mine 20190201_222136

Didnt say they didnt fit but they are definitely a bitch!!!

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If this is of any interest I have an evo and enclosure for sale. https://forum./t/sale-sale-sale-the-sale-thread/96/8

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I am surprised this has not been sold yet.

£150 for an Evo + enclosure is a hell of a deal.

If I did not already have a spare Evo deck I would be all over it.

I have an interested party…