Koi | Haya HB92 V2 | Torqueboards DD | 12S4P | Focbox Unity (Build Idea Thoughts?)

Since this is my first post I think it’s only proper that I introduce myself to this incredible community because without you guys I would have never even considered a DIY esk8 setup.

I’m Jason and I’ve been a non esk8 rider for roughly 10 years, long boards specifically. (Did this just turn into an AA meeting? :sweat_smile: I tend to ride a park near my house in Houston, TX round trip roughly 8-10 miles and have probably maxed out at 15-20 mph on some of the hills in Austin on my trusty Landyachtz drop carve. It was my first complete non esk8 setup that I sinked some 400 bucks into including some ceramics. I was hooked and never looked back. Been riding for years but I’m starting to feel it on my knees and when the summer is in swing +90 degree temps are brutal on my stamina. So the idea of going esk8 has been lingering in my head since early 2014. I’ll be honest before I found this forum and really started reading about esk8 I was almost convinced I was going to buy a v2 used boosted board. I’m happy to say that thanks to many of the excellent posts and community I’ve found at esk8 I was easily swayed to take a crack at my first DIY.

My budget is under $1800 USD but I’m a firm believer in buying quality once and keeping it maintained. Also if I can save money that’s a bonus. So now that I’ve said hello let me get to the culmination of all my research. Mind you I didn’t sign up on this forum for a solid month or so even though I was reading through much of that time.

I still have my first Landyachtz Drop Carve 40 setup laying around and although I’ve not used it for some time she’s still a really nice ride (I take good care of my stuff). I decided to name this setup Koi because there’s two koi fish on the bottom of the deck. I know i’m clever as hell right? :relieved: I thought since it’s a 40 inch board (ample for a beefy esk8 setup) and my first board ever, it would make a lot of sense and sentimental value to me that this deck became my first esk8 base to work from. I’m also not sure if I’ll be able to run it drop through or top mount yet but I would like to get it back to its glory days when it was a drop through.


(She’s a bamboo core pressed in a medium flex fiberglass)

EDIT 05/07/19 Decided to get the Haya HB92 V2 after finding some structural cracks in my Landy that I wouldn’t feel safe riding at 30 mph. Still going to use the koi design to mock up something amazing with @sender on the Haya. This is going to simplify the setup process exponentially :+1:t3:

logo%203 (Shout out to @bevilacqua for the quality board she’s a beauty)

So I weigh about 170 lbs and 5’10 and I wanted something powerful enough to push me up to 30 mph or so and could handle some 10-15% hills on occasion when I visit Austin. I realize I’m going to be tweaking about the speeds over 20 mph on my first few rides as an esk8 board but I’m used to bombing garages pretty fast and taking some hefty sidewalk cracks along the way. I’ll build up to top speed as I become comfortable on the board again and will always be wearing a helmet. I plan on using this first setup 3-4 times a weeks when the weather permits.

So I’ll lay out my planned list of parts to buy and I’d love to know your thoughts. I’d also like some help making sure I’m not missing some things in my build which I’m quite sure is at least a few cable connectors.

AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST I’LL LAY OUT AN ITEMIZED LIST. I plan on updating this post with pictures as I acquire and start to build this beauty.

We got the BOARD out of the way so I’ll start with what I think is the most important piece of hardware, the Battery. From what I’ve learned the 30q batteries are where it’s at in terms of quality and efficient discharge. Since this is my first build I’m not even going to try to go the DIY route for batteries as I’m not experienced enough in coupling batteries together yet. So far I think the DIY 12s4p battery is what I’m probably looking for but I’m not really excited about the battery meter and power switch being exposed at the bottom of the housing for weather seal concerns and scuffs. Are there some other recommendations you guys have for a battery of this size running 30q or equal quality? 12S4P

(UPDATE 05/07/19 Will be getting a custom 12S4P to fit the Haya)

Next the MOTOR. After doing a lot of research I was convinced I wanted Hub motors similar to the raptor 2.1s because I didn’t feel I needed insane torque and I really liked the idea of less moving parts and not worrying about quite as much maintenance on belts and keeping motor mounts tight. Sadly I was not excited about thinner urethane wheels and was also concerned about the abuse these kind of motors could actually handle at 1000+ miles of use. Then I got into direct drives and it seemed to be the answer to all my needs but there just wasn’t that many of them out there yet. Finally the Torqueboards Direct Drive System was announced and now that I’ve read about how much people are enjoying them on this forum I’m sold on this as my dual motor setup. This setup comes with;





Torqueboard%20DD (I’ll be getting the 75KV Motors with the 110mm Wheels from TB)

Now to the ESC. Since I would be dealing with dual motors and it’s my first setup I was feeling a bit overwhelmed in this department. I wanted to have a dual VESC running and I also really wanted the ability to tweak my setup via Bluetooth or some kind of app so that I wouldn’t need to open my enclosure all the time. That’s why I decided on the Focbox Unity. It really feels like this is a no brainier for ease of use and setup not to mention it cuts down on extra wires and comes in a sleek housing. image

(This thing is just sick. LONG LIVE ESK8!)

Now for the *REMOTE I felt there wasn’t as much quality stuff out there considering products like the Focbox and to save some money using a coupon code on DIY when buying the DDs I was probably just going to get the Torqueboards 2.4GHZ Nano. I’m completely open to cheaper and more durable ones but this was probably the piece of hardware I did the least of my research on so send me your thoughts. Don’t need my remote dropping signal in the middle of a ride so that I can attempt to slip n slide on some concrete. 5334B8F5-8A31-41AA-9349-E2C1E027B710

Finally on to CABLES. I’ll need 2 esc sensor wire adapters as the Unity is 2mm

TB%20Sensor%20Wire%20Adapter (Planning on getting them from DIY when I buy the DD system from them)

Also If I end up getting the 12s4p battery from DIY I know it’s connector is xt90 so I will need a xt90 to xt60 adapter for the Unity


(Also this may be a newbie question but which end will be male and which will be female? And do you guys recommend a specific adapter or will a hobby shop one do the job?)

I know the Motor Cables on the TB DD are 5.5mm bullet connectors while the Focbox has 3.5mm (UPDATE 05/05/19 @BigZwatt is selling me some adapters he has lying around straight MVP status)


Lastly I’ll ask you guys about ENCLOSURES. So if I get the 12s4p battery it will come with it’s own enclosure and from the dimensions and talking to the guys at DIY my unity should fit in here as well? But if you guys had other battery recommendations I’d like to also know what enclosures you would recommend with those other batteries. (UPDATE 05/05/19 Going to see if @psychotiller can hook me up with a custom battery and enclosure :pray:t3:)

EDIT 05/7/19 Won’t need an enclosure with the Haya but still planning to have psychotiller moch me up a batter for it.)

So with all that said what other cables do I need and am I missing anything else in my build? What tips do you guys have on mounting the enclosure to the board including anything from weatherproofing to heat sync for the unity? What do you guys think of the build idea? Long post but I thought I’d do it proper and be as thorough as possible after I’ve learned so damn much from you all. The sooner you guys can help me the better because I want to be on the next order batch for the TB DDs setup knowing full well I may not have everything delivered until late summer or so.

Full Parts List So Far:

  • Board - Haya HB92 V2 (UPDATE 5/07/19 PURCHASED)

  • Battery - Custom 12S4P (UPDATE 5/05/19 PM’d @psychotiller to see if he would build me a 12S battery)

  • Motor - 2x Torqueboards Direct Drive 75KV (UPDATE 05/07/19 PURCHASED)

  • ESC - Focbox Unity (UPDATE 5/05/19 PURCHASED w/ 8% off code: XcStEg)

  • Remote - Torqueboards 2.4GHZ Nano (Open to something with longer throw)

  • Trucks - TB Precision CNC Trucks w/ 50D Base Plates (Includes both RipTide Caliber II Pivot Cups WFB 90A & 90A Krank Street Barrel)(PURCHASED)

  • Wheels - TB 110mm (Comes w/ TB DDs Setup I’m Purchasing)

  • Enclosure - (EDIT 05/07/19 No longer needed with the Haya)

  • Cables - 2x DIY ESC Sensor Wire Adapters (2mm to 1.5mm)(Update 05/07/19 PURCHASED)

    1x XT90 to XT60 Adapter From Unity to Battery (Suggestions?)

    6x 3.5 to 5.5mm Bullet Adapters For Unity to TB DDs (UPDATE 05/05/19 PURCHASED @BigZwatt Is Hooking These Up!)


Are any parts payed for?

Is that battery single stacked cells? From memory the dropcarve doesn’t have a lot of space so a single stacked 10s4p may take up the entire available space? Edit, skip that. I see that the battery is double stacked so should be good.

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no but the money is ready to burn I’m just making sure I have everything ready before I pull the trigger


Yea double stacked but I bet one of your enclosures would be waaaaay nicer :kissing_heart:

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I wouldn’t go with DD because there is no way to change the gearing for speed/torque.

So this leaves you to: Surfrodz TKP for carving, RKP for speed, With Bergemeister wheels.

Or a complete drive train from @riverside.rider Timo. The shipping is crazy fast and QC is top notch.

Or get upcoming @moon drives, gear drives for SR TKP.


I get why I can’t change the gearing on a DD but do you think that would be something I’d hate? Keep in mind this is my first setup in esk8 and from what I have learned these DDs hit all the sweet spots for me. This was the only part I am feeling set on but I did ask for recommendations so please don’t take any offense. I’m not very heavy and Houston is pretty flat in most areas. Doesn’t the Focbox have an efficient auto detect system that sets the proper voltage for these motors? I was under the impression I could modify my speeds that way in the Focbox app.

Also urethane is never as comfortable as pneumatics so consider that.

If something breaks on DD, most likely the whole drive train will have to be sent to the seller. If something brakes on belt/gear drive, just change the broken part


This is true and I had the same philosophy of thinking when it came to the Unity but I felt the pros of the unity really outweighed the cons. As far as gear drives I’d have to go back to doing some research as I had settled on the DDs from TB :thinking:

Research and patience is key.

@sender @DerelictRobot what’s your advice on this?


Maybe I’ll just hit up @longhairedboy for something really special :star_struck: I’d really need to up my budget though and I really think my first should be something I put together. Please be gentle :disappointed_relieved:

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I really like urethane. I think you have a good plan and you have obviously been reading.

I do like the idea of the unity+DD. Such an easy setup procedure.

I wouldn’t worry about the gearing and all of that as you can manipulate that a bit with motor controller settings, and based off what you said, I think you will be more than pleased with what the DD will give you.

I tend to lean toward 12s these days. Build a board you can grow into, not one that merely meets your needs today. You will want MORE very quickly.

With regard to batteries, that must be chosen in tandem with the enclosure to ensure proper fitment. Enclosure wise, I bet @psychotiller has a selection you could work with. While you are at at, get him to make you a custom pack to fit in said enclosure.

Look forward to seeing your progress!


Great advice from best builder


These were my thoughts exactly it’s practically plug and play with a little fiddling and a little bit of mounting for the enclosure. Really appreciate your feedback and I already know @psychotiller makes some amazing stuff it’s all over the forums. I’ll hit him up to see what he thinks!


Oh and quick question…am I missing anything vital to this build that I haven’t laid out in this post wires etc? Also about bearings what do you recommend as I wasn’t sure the DD system comes with any but I do have some bones ceramics laying around in perfect condition.

With the focbox Unity, if you change the bullet connectors to match your direct drive connectors you will void the warranty.

Edit, nevermind you said it comes with adapters.

Now I’m almost certain that the unity doesn’t come with the 3.5mm to 5.5mm bullet adapters. I wasn’t able to confirm it through the post I’m going to link and starting with this post it seems highly unlikely:

and this one:

I wanted to see what people were doing for adapters as changing the 3.5 bullet cables on the unity to 5.5 does void the warranty. Some people seem to not care and do the conversion anyway or are making adapters. I’m not sure what to do as I was trying to avoid soldering and definitely don’t want to void the warranty which I’m planning to purchase . If anyone makes short 3.5 to 5.5mm cables that would be perfect or even just the bullet connectors themselves in adapter form. I guess if i have to bust out my old soldering gun I can, this is a DIY after all :poop:

I did close to 18 months of stealing info and not contributing a damn thing :joy: You have a good plan there and some very well thought out choices for a first toe in the water. @Sender said it best so no more to add but adaptors for 3.5 to 5mm are an easy thing and there is a thread about it. The 3.5 and 5 actually fit inside one another so soldering is a breeze. Good luck and keep us all posted on progress.


All of mine barely don’t fit and I have to sand down the 3.5 bullet a bit. NBD, but I wish I had these that everyone else has that fit right in. Oh well.


I just messaged @BigZwatt about these he had in a post: 5%20Bullet%20Adapter

Crossing my fingers he can hook me up…Laziness prevails!