KOMODO Build | Customized Zero Dark 40 Deck | TB 218 trucks | 200kv APS 6374 | 10s2p Graphene "Namasaki battery" | FSESC Dual 4.20

Probably won’t get hot enough but if it does , mdf has formaldehyde or something which is poisonous? I dono. :man_shrugging:

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Like sisters… :point_down:



Like brothers… :point_down:



…created by one father… :point_right: @257


Is “Komodo” someone’s brand name.or something. I was thinking of using that name :joy:

Yep just checked and apparently it does. Well thanks for bringing that to my attention lol I’ll be wearing my respirator :no_mouth:

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There they are… one happy family. Did you get your 1166 deck yet??

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Nope not a brand and there’s no copyright as far as I know. It’s just the name I’ve been using for this board and two others. I have no plans to start selling Komodo builds or anything, so if you have more legit plans in mind for it or just want to use the name it’s cool with me.

But ya know, don’t come sue me for using the name in retrospect lol


Komodo is yours Bro. Everybody knows that already in the DIY Esk8 world. We are probably not that many eboarders worldwide but certainly this forum is regularly visited by most. Good news travel fast. :wink:

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Sorry I had clue about it, my bad


Noooo, dang fools haven’t answered my request (??) seems that they are seasonal workers or smthng, they work when it pleases them (??) Reminds me of Dave Cindrich, hard to get that fella. I’ve been thinking on going for a Rayne deck but haven’t found a similar one to fulfill my requirements.

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My two favorite suppliers :smiley::point_right: @moon & @257


Thanks for the words of encouragement dude :grinning::+1:

That sucks they are lagging on your custom order. I want to see that deck all put together with the plates :star_struck:

I still owe you some stickers btw!

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…you are actually three :blush::point_right: @marcmt88



I tried to charge the board for the first time today :slightly_smiling_face: and the charge port shorted out :frowning_face:

Went to plug in my temporary 42v 2a charger and immediately got a nice POP and the board went dark

Scared the shit out of me, but I disconnected the charger, turned off the switch, powered it on again and everything came back and is fully functioning. I checked my wiring over and over to confirm I had the correct polarity at the port and to the BMS and it all looks good. BMS has no signs of burns, although it seems to be warped under one of the heat sinks

IMG_1002 IMG_1003 IMG_1004

I noticed the warp when I installed it tho so that wasn’t a recent change…

Something I did notice was the numbering of the poles on the charger…


When I wired it up I went off of this diagram to determine polarity


I noticed the numbers didn’t match up at all, so I tested the poles at the charger (which I should have done before shoving it into my board like an idiot) and whaddayaknow they’re the freakin opposite :face_vomiting:


I assumed all 3 prong chargers like this would be standardized since they have that lock channel and can only be oriented one way, but apparently not… That or the diagram I used was just 100% wrong from the start :upside_down_face:

So when my board popped and blacked out on me I assume that was the BMS saving my ass a lot of trouble and shutting things down before they burned… and I know that crappy charger is toasted as it now makes all kinds of sounds and pretty colors other than green when it’s plugged in… but now I’m wondering should I be worried about my BMS being fried?? And should I replace that charge port since it arced?


Im pretty sure things are ok, at least visually but I have a limited understanding of the circuitry of the BMS and didn’t want to go probing around with the meter unless I knew what I was looking for…

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The bms should be fine, they disconnect automatically when shorted. I would replace the charge port though just to be safe


That’s good to hear, thanks man :+1:


Had my first crash today :balloon: :tada: :balloon:

image image

Not sure how fast I was going, but it was fast enough that when I hit the ground my belt snapped and I had to ride home holding my pants up…


The board is fine, but when I checked it out the latching power switch was in the off position as if it had just clicked itself off while I was going full tilt… not sure if it was from road vibration or maybe it only partially latched when I switched it on? No clue but it makes me nervous it might do it again next time it feels like ruining a nice ride

Damn, that’s lucky your belt saved most of your skin. It’s weird how the power button did that

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Yeah I’ll happily trade my belt for some saved skin lol. No clue how that switch turned off like that… it wasn’t an exceptionally rough patch of road either. I’d been riding for about an hour over way rougher streets before hand

I’ve only ever heard of it happening once or twice with 12mm buttons, what size is your one?



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