Kool wheel gen 1, how to connect a different remote

Hello, I am building a board that has the esc,wheels, and board of a kool wheel gen 1 . I have the esc connected to a battery but I needed a remote because the koolwheel that I bought didn’t have a remote with it. So I bought a Van Pro remote and receiver. But when I got it I had no clue where to put it on the board, I knew the board had a built in receiver so I had tried to pair the old receiver with the new remote but to no avail. If someone can tell me how to either disconnect the old receiver or just wire the new receiver in that would be greatly appreciated.

This is the Van Pro receiver image

  1. Did that receiver come with that remote? do you know they work together?
  2. Did you contact koowheel to see if its actually possible to pair a different remote? maybe they can sell you the correct one?
  3. I don’t think those ESC are able to have different remotes paired to them.
  1. Yes that remote came with the receiver
  2. No but I will contact them soon
  3. That is what I initially thought but decided I might try anyways, if they say no is there any way to connect the new receiver onto the board ?

I’m sure it’s technically possible if you do some hardware & software hacking.

but probably not a plug and play deal.