Koowheel charging problem?


I have a problem with my koolwheel that is 2 days old. The battery won’t charge and the light stays blue(on the charger) instead of going to red.(charging) The batterij voltage output is 22.5 volt instead of 36/42volt so thats way to low. I opent up de battery to check the cells and there are all ok. All 20 cels are above 3.2 volt. So the battery is 32.5 volt but the BMS electronics inside make it only 22.5 volt??

See photo below? Any idea what is going on? And how to solve it?



Hi Ronald Stuck with the exact same problem.had mine just one day and light on charger stays blue And only getting 2 green lights on board after 3 to 5 hour charge.let me know if you get any Answers and I’ll do the same. Take care. C.P.

hello, i had the same problem and this is how i fixed it. when you put in the charger it has 3 points connecting to 3 holes right? so you think it doesn’t matter in what position you put it in right? wrong, you need to look for a small dent that connects with a small dent in the charger. match those 2 up and it should charge.

my Koowheel board was send back for repair and they said that the batterij was the issue.

They offered me a 4400mah battery (samsung) in place of the 5500mah (LG). Apparently the LG batterij is not as good as the Samsung one. Quality issue they told me.

I waited for a month for a new battery and but they had none in stock. So i asked for a refund. So i don’t have a board right now.

I am waiting a bit for maybe a revision before i order a new one.

Wait until the motherboard craps out on you I have a koowheel and the battery is perfectly fine but it won’t turn on at all, the board is gone, so now I’m looking for a way to use two ESC’s for the two hub motors using the same battery I don’t know if anybody has done this yet find out if it works, let me know if anyone has done this.

i saw that you can order a replacement motherboard on aliexpres for 85 euro.

I don’t understand your small dent in 3 prong outlet. I don’t get it. 3 prong plug only goes into outlet 1 way. Am I reading this wrong?

I have similar problem. I just got my Onyx D3X last night. Charged it all night. Light on charger block was blue in the morning. Went for first ride and after only about 1/2 hour (few miles) the remote buzzed 2X letting me know that board batt was at 12.5%. So I came home Recharged for 3 hours and same. Blue light. Went riding again and 1/2 hour later, remote buzzed 2X. Was done already. For $650 I’m a bit disappointed.

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Same problem different voltage! Battery is at 37V, output of BMS at 11V. Found 1 cell monitoring wire that was loose.

Thinking this might have fried the bms although board looks fine.

Anyone know a fix?

These are the only pictures i have seen of the batteries while apart other than one vodeo in youtube before taking apart mine and uploading a few videos showing how to take them apart and start to test the cells and visually inspect as I am stuck with 3 fried koowheel batteries!!! Yes 3!!! I have opened up the batteries after waiting months for the company to get back and seen sime bad design issues as well as broken wires and cheap materials all within minutes!!! And can see these videos on YouTube at BUFFALO ESKATE showing all of that and the batteries up close and I am desperately trying to figure out what the issue is and when testing the cells they are all good but the meter reads only 32v before bms not 36v and then reads only 9v AFTER the bms… neither numbers are right!!! The other 2 batteries have similar results like lower volts than should be before bms and then way lower after even! I will focus on tbe first battery that fried out and I opened up… it was 32v before bms and 9v after… I tested each cell and all were good… but when testing the series it went 3.6v… 7.2v… 10.8v… 14.4v… 18.0v… then 18.0v again!!! Instead of going up 3.6v like every other! Followed by 21.6v… 25.2v… 28.8… 32.4v!!! Please any help in any way would be appreciated!!! The layout… or thoughts!!! I think maybe a wire in between the cell that repeated and also a fried bms??? In combo?? Again you can look at BUFFALO ESKATE and I have like 5 VIDEOS SHOWING the batteries and the issues and some testing I have done etc and really hope I can get some help on figuring out this issue!!!

I love that there are pictures!!! As there are not many pictures or videos on the internet that I can I can find of the koowheel batteries so I uploaded videos showing the insides and what I have found and any help is greatly appreciated from anyone!!! SO IF YOU CAN share to someone that might know or anything as this has been 3-6 months on all of the batteries being fried out and all 3 of my boards sadly sitting the whole time!!! THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP OR CHECKING OUT THE VIDEOS OF THE BATTERIES AND SHARING OR ANY HELP OR TIME AT ALL!!!

I have the same problem.

Board charges and turns blue, when I measure the voltage on the battery output it’s 40V so I tought maybe there are some cells out of balance so opened the battery and measured every cell. Every cell around 4.05V and one cell 3.95V so I seperate charged that cell to 4.05V and plugged in the charger again.

Charged like 5min and again blue light but the batterij was only 40,5V? Then I rode for 4km and the board stopped, so I guess the bms is really the problem because when I measured the output again it was 28V so that can’t be true.

I think replacing the bms with another kind is the best option, but first contacting the seller of the board I guess